Jun 10, 2006

Gone for a While - Graduation Party

(Toledo, OH) My family and my two high school graduates will be celebrating their achievements at a massive, 4-family, 5-graduate blast today.

I will be back later tonight to update the site.

If you are near Dorr and Centennial in Springfield Township today, feel free to drop in. Look for the line of cars 1/2-mile long, and drop my name for a hot dog or some potato salad.

And bring cash. Lots of it.



Anonymous said...

Hope your family had a great time.

Lisa Renee said...

Darn...not only did I miss having you take me to hell but I missed the party too.


Brian said...

Congratulation to you and yours.

Hooda Thunkit said...

I hope everyone survived the party without a visit from the poh-leece ;-)

I know it's a bit late to respond, but everyone should have recovered from the party by now :-)