Jun 22, 2006

Hilarious - but Sobering - Quiz

Left: Who said it?

(Toledo, OH) At the risk of validating Godwin's Law, I submit to readers a quiz that compares the statements of Adolf Hitler and Ann Coulter.

Follow this link to take the quiz. I was only able to attribute 9 of 14 quotes to the correct person.

Thanks to the ever-brilliant Paula Czarny for the link.


Anonymous said...

Whoa. Only 7/14. Gues I don't know my fascists.

Dariush said...

Funny stuff. Reminds me of Dr. Menlo's LGF Quiz (Little Green Footballs or Late German Fascists?)

Speaking of funny stuff dealing with Coulter, this article, while almost certainly made-up baloney, is hilarious. An excellent job of playing off, and feeding into, the rumours and innuendo that have been swirling as to her real sexual identity.

josh narins said...

You know, I got 13 out of 14, which sorta suggests they are different.

She sure is awful, though.

And a little better effort should have been made to take out references to the Democratic Party and only one that mentioned America was from Hitler.

Monkey said...

That's awful, I only got 4 out of 14 correct :P

Kate said...

Again, one of the issues I am fully accredited to comment on. I got 14 out of 14.

As a Christian conservative who is employed and actively involved in an ELCA church and youth group - I merely attributed the most hateful statement to Ms. Coulter.

Easy peasy.

Timothy said...

11/14... but I found the vocabulary, places, and political parties to be a dead give away between the two.

What's sad is how the 2 pretty much say the same thing.

liberal_dem said...

I think Coulter is Hitler with a sex change as well as a shave.

Kate said...

LD - fell outta' the chair here. You've got something there. Laughing my fool head off.

Bryan said...

Looks like everyone fell right in line here. [sigh]

This quiz was supposed to advance the smearing technique of the left by comparing anyone they disagree with to Adolf Hitler.

Unfortunately for the left, there's a big difference between Adolf Hitler and Ms. Ann Coulter:

Hitler was a sociopathic savage who ordered the murder of millions of innocent people while Coulter is just a highly opinionated right winger who insults people to sell books.

The Hitler comparison ("but it's idealogical!" you say) is so tired that it should be met with sighs and eye rolling. Extreme viewpoints make for bad public policy. That goes for the left the same as it goes for the right.

Coulter is not an extremist. Anyone who wants to argue against that, shoot.

Jeffrey Smith said...

If Coulter is not an extremist, this country is in far worse shape than I thought.

Kate said...

Ok, I'll be the token Christian Republican here. (And yes, I'm official).

Ann Coulter is an extremist. Her writings are in direct conflict with the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Her goal can only be self serving since it dimishes not only people of faith, but degrades the respectability of women authors at large.

This is called extremist behavior.

Kate said...

Oh and for those fans of Coulter? Her latest barb. Aimed straight at you!

"Finally, a word to those of you out there who have yet to be offended by something I have written or said: Please be patient. I am working as fast as I can. "


(Tell me again? She's really a uniter - not a divider?)

Bryan said...

Jesus was an "extremist." If you believe in Him does that make you an extremist too? The word is subjective.

Kate, I'm a Christian Republican too. Nice to meet you. :)

Oh, and that quotation by Ann, you know, the one you just reprinted above from Coulter's website, is a joke. Published by Anne to take advantage of her bad girl reputation in order to....get this: sell books.

Kate, I disagree with how you define extremist behavior. To me, extremist behavior is rigid, unchanging and contrary to reason. This too is a subjective word. In my opinion, Coulter's views are not exremist. The way she expresses her opinions are "exremist" I suppose - but I think we can all agree on why she expresses them that way.

I agree with you that Coulter is a polarizing character. I'm still not sure if polarization is a good thing or bad thing. On one hand we want "debate," but as soon as we get it we start bitching about the lack of consensus and why we as a country can't get anything done.

Kate said...

Coulter's writings are contrary to Christian teachings. Her language is designed to divide.

If you are a fan then you are a fan. You are in a remarkably small minority however. In polling even the most far right people I know who were until recently Coulter fans - they have shockingly disavowed this 'author'. And I use the term quite loosely.

If you are still a fan it may be that you have not spent the time to read her latest work. It is quite different than her early work which was logical and pointed but not abusive.

Hooda Thunkit said...

Well I struggled to get 10/14.

Pretty to look at, but the language...


And, Kate,

You be da man!


Kate said...

?? Doubtful. I'm plumbed all wrong :-)

But who, in the history of the US, can have more hate speech attributed to them? This woman is a disturbed publicity seeker. And I mean DISTURBED.