Jun 14, 2006

Mary Winkler Case: A Timeline of Events


(Selmer, TN) With an eye toward organzing the known facts in an easy-to-reference format, this post will simply place in chronological order the major events in the shooting of Matthew Winkler and arrest of his wife Mary Winkler.

February 2005 : Matthew Winkler hired at the Fourth Street Church of Christ in Selmer, TN.
March 22, 2006: Matthew Winkler found dead in his home by parishioners. He was hit once at close range with a shotgun blast.
March 22, 2006: An Amber Alert is issued for Mary Winkler and her three girls; there is fear of foul play.
March 23, 2006: Mary Winkler, 32, was found with the couple's three young daughters late Thursday night in Orange Beach, Alabama, 340 miles south of the Selmer church.
March 24, 2006: Mary Winkler waived extradition, allegedly confessed, and was sent back to Tennessee to face first-degree charges for the murder of her husband Matthew.
March 25, 2006: Extradited to Tennessee, Mary Winkler expresses remorse, and said that "she was sorry for everything she had done."
March 27, 2006: Mary Winkler retains Steve Faresem Sr. to head her defense team.
March 27, 2006: Funeral visitation for Matthew Winkler in Selmer
March 27, 2006: Educational fund set up for Winkler children.
March 27, 2006: Arraignement of Mary Winkler in General Sessions Court.
March 28, 2006: Funeral of Matthew Winkler draws a crowd of over 500 mourners.
March 30, 2006: Winkler attorneys hint at post-partum defense
March 31, 2006: Police sieze church computers in looking for evidence.
April 3, 2006: Attorneys for Mary Winkler weigh options
April 7, 2006: Attorneys for Mary Winkler suggest that she may be covering for some unknown assailant.
June 12, 2006: Grand jury convenes in Selmer, Tennessee to hear testimony.
June 14, 2006: Grand jury issues indictment; Mary Winkler pleads "not guilty" to the charges.


Anonymous said...

It would be nice if she would simply receive the same conviction sentence that any man would receive if the man committed the same crime. It seems women get away with murder or get such lightweight sentences they are equivalent to being convicted of shoplifting. Premeditated murder is premeditated murder. End of story.
The victims in this case... the father who is now six feet under, and the children who now have no father and a psycho murderous mother.

Anonymous said...

Before you call someone a psycho or a murderer maybe you should get all the facts.How would you like it if I said you were spawned for satan?? What ever happened to innocent until PROVEN GUILTY.

Hooda Thunkit said...

I'm sure that a very sad story will come out of this, very sad...