Jun 20, 2006

New Laptop


(Toledo, OH) After receiving an overdue check in the mail today I traveled to Office Depot to check out laptops.

Although I was disappointed with the troublesome A/C cord on my previous Compaq Presario, I could not resist the $455 price tag on a Presario V2000 notebook.

It was a demo, so the sales rep knocked it down from $569.

I lose a little in size, but the machine is about one-half the weight of my Presario 3000.

I know Matt Sussman will be booing the decision, but at $455 (plus a $30 mail-in rebate) I chose economy.

Besides, I am looking for speed, memory, and wireless, and do not need much in the way of video or audio capabilities. Just allow me to type and blog, and I'm golden.


Do said...

Congratulations on your new 'pet'! Hahahahaha

Glad you finally got a deal and something that you feel will serve you. We all have different needs in a computer, so if this is what does it for you more power to ya!

Now get back to work and follow up on some more of the news in Toledo! :)

Gary said...

That is an amazing price!

Congrats and keep typin'!

Suss & The Family Stone said...


Oh. You saw that coming, huh?

Hooda Thunkit said...


Whatever does the job for you ;-)

After all, it's only hardware; a mere commodity in today's world.

Lisa Renee said...

I'm happy you got the overdue check and are now back to laptopping again.


BrianMaxson said...

pssssssssssst, Mike.

Reload Tiger Woods 06 and meet me in Duffers Den! :)

Kate said...

let me know your feelings down the road a few mile? I need to buy a personal use laptop in the near future.

That was a good buy. I had a grand in my head as the minimum.