Jun 14, 2006

Self-Promotion Department: Copy Editing and Tutoring Services

(Toledo, OH) In addition to teaching and writing, I also work as a freelance editor and writing tutor.

I have worked with writers at all levels of ability, from high school students to university professors. I have experience editing academic, technical, and popular writing.

Interested parties can contact me by email for more information.

With the advancements in technology I can work with anyone around the globe, and I have a PayPal account to facilitate the financial end.

I offer reasonable rates and guaranteed results.


Berserker said...

It may surprise you to read this...

I think that you are an EXCELLENT writer! Now we just need someone with some real influence to get things going.

You can count on me to pass along your capabilities to whomever I stumble across. And I mean STUMBLE :-)

We don't HAVE to agree with one another on political, military, history, blah-blah, do we?

historymike said...

Thanks for the kind words, Berserker. You didn't know it, but your compliments came at time when I was really in a funk.

Yes, we have disagreed on some points, but that is to be expected. We are both employed by competing organizations, and our respective viewpoints are shaped by those who sign our paychecks.

Anonymous said...

My two cents that weren't requested: your efforts should not be directed toward the work of others. You should pour that energy into your own work because you are a fine writer, your point of view is often refreshing, and you are acutely aware of big truths in small stories that a less sensitive writer would miss. I'd like to see you move yourself forward, not someone else.

But if you ever decide to write a book, be sure to keep the proposal away from your colleagues. They'll mistreat it, and you.

You may have your loyalty firmly in place when it comes to TFP, but they behaved like cads. I don't see you as a cad. And I don't see you as being part of a paper that's so unanchored, journalistically and morally. You have so much more to offer than throwing your talents away on any endeavor they undertake. They don't deserve you.

And they certainly aren't competitive with The Blade. Does management really sit around the office, thinking they are?

The Blade, paper edition, competes with The Blade, Web version. And with the declining interest in newspapers in general. TFP isn't even a fly they want to swat at.

historymike said...

Wow! My cranium is beginning swell from back-to-back compliments.

This day may actually turn around, having started within the context of the proverbial "day-from-Hell" scenario.

As far as editing and tutoring - it really boils down to eating. My income from a couple of employers has declined this summer, and I am broadcasting my services to drum up a little vacation cash.

That being said, I really enjoy working with writers to help them hone their skills. It was only six years ago that I returned to academia, and a few mentors helped me develop my writing skills (a quick shout out to UT professors Dr. Ruth Herndon and Dr. Carol Bresnahan, who both recognized in me a diamond in the rough, and went over and above the call of duty to encourage my writing pursuits).

Hence, I feel something of a call to help other writers blossom.

Writing has become more than a mere passion, as my life literally revolves around words.

McCaskey said...

HM: I have a 13-year-old daughter that loves to write, mostly fiction, and when she becomes the age when she's mature enough to really benefit from your tutorledge, you might have a client. Of course this would come after I teach her what I know, in which case you'll have significant damage to repair, LOL.

Above comments by Berserker and Anonymous most interesting indeed. When you earn a degree of respect from individuals who often are vehemently opposed to your opinions, it really is the ultimate compliment.

Hooda Thunkit said...


You have no idea how many people you influence with your writing skills, and your refreshing perspective on so very many ideas and topics.

Your love/work/scholarship truly shows. That's why many of seek out your work ;-)

Consider yourself truly appreciated!