Jun 9, 2006

Site Update

(Toledo, OH) Server problems with Blogger in the past two days have created havoc for people - like me - who use the popular publishing service.

I am investigating a switch to another host in order to prevent readers from having to put up with Blogger-related issues.

Many people experienced difficulty in getting the site to load, in posting comments, or getting the RSS feed. I apologize for the difficulties, and I will keep people posted when I switch.

I was fortunate to get two posts up yesterday before Blogger servers ran amok. However, I could not even respond to visitors to let them know where the problems were located.

Thanks to the many emailers who let me know about difficulties.

Ideally I will be able to set up a redirect URL that will not cause anyone to to have to update the link.


Dariush said...

Good idea, Mike.

Just don't switch to Typepad.

Michael said...

Good luck, Mike. There was Blogger trouble -- with a CAPITAL B -- all over the 'net the past couple or so days.

Wish I could help you on the server side. (I'm lucky that I have a friend in Mo. who is hosting my blog for free.)


Hooda Thunkit said...

As Blogger is a Google property, one would hope that the difficulties will clear up, real soon.

Google (I hear) is better than that. I use Yahoo for searches, so I couldn't swear to it myself though.

Kate said...

I just got that toledopoliticans site - it's through SBC (ATT? I'm so confuuuuuuuuuused).

Anyway - here's a link to the info (http://www.webhosting.com/WHCWEB/index.jsp) and it has a nice design function. Mine will be 20.00 a month or so.

Just an idea