Jul 6, 2006

Battle in Northern Gaza Heats Up


Left: Israeli tanks moving into the northern Gaza Strip late Wednesday, courtesy of BBC

(Gaza) The Israeli offensive in the Gaza Strip has begun to enter a more violent phase, as air- and land-based missile strikes have resulted in the deaths of at least 25 Palestinians, while an Israeli soldier was also reportedly shot dead.

After intermittent conflict over the previous week, Israeli forces pushed further into northern Gaza today. Tanks and armored personnel carriers moved south from former Israeli settlements to the outskirts of Beit Lahiya, where Palestinian fighters had been preparing barricades, explosive charges and firing positions.

Israeli officials maintain that the country has no intention of reoccupying the Gaza Strip, from which it withdrew its settlers and dismantled its military facilities in September 2005.

"The purpose of Israel's limited incursion into the northern Gaza Strip is to halt the barrage of rockets and missiles that have been hitting Israeli population centers and Israeli cities and terrorizing the population," said Mark Regev, a spokesman for the Israel Foreign Ministry. "We will be there to reduce the threat. We have no intention of re-occupying Gaza, but it is our obligation to safeguard the lives of our citizens."

Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh called the military incursion a crime against humanity and "a hopeless attempt to bring down the Palestinian government."


Anonymous said...

You say it's a "crime against humanity???" You liberal apologists for the terrorist Palestinians make me sick.

Hooda Thunkit said...

There is no right or wrong amongst these differing sides, there is only destiny. . .

historymike said...


"Crime against humanity" was not my phrase - read the section again. However, I might come around to agreeing with that assessment if the facts bear out that Israel has specifically targeted civilian infrastructure as a form of collective punishment against the Palestinian people.

As far as "liberals" being apologists for Palestine, I think that you will also find American "liberals" who support Israel as well.

There is not such a clear liberal-Palestine, conservative-Israel split that you seem to imagine.

historymike said...


While I am not a Providential historian (a believer in history moving along some divine path), I do agree that once conditions for war are in place, conflict becomes much more difficult to avoid.

Call it "historical momentum," perhaps.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous # 1, this is Anonymous # 3:

I concur completely. The Palis create their own problems. Hell, most of the Islamic world wouldn't think twice about lopping the heads off of the entire International ANSWER Coalition. Alas, we're at the mercy of the Moonbats these days; every single terrorist strike brings out another chorus of leftist condemnation--of the victims.

I'm sick of living with the threat of the Jihad, personally. I don't give two hoots in a bean pie for their "taqqiya" or their turbans, or their burkhas, or their "belts of many bombs". I wish they'd keep their "Religion of Peace" on their side of the planet.

That said, I've chosen to just start agreeing with "moonbattery" in all of its variant forms: it's much easier this way.

Now, if I happen to die in a terrorist attack because the Supreme Court won't let us imprison the poor, oppressed murderers who're simply trying to strike back at the Imperialist Capitalistic Corporate Zionist-Controlled War Machine of BU$HITLER, I'll at least have the pleasure of knowing I'll spend paradise surrounded by 72 virgins.

Otherwise, I'll be in hell, where all the women are straight from the membership of CODE PINK.

Kate said...

and then you find some of us smack in the middle who just think war is bad. And hope for a day when diplomacy returns to the world.

Dariush said...

Mike: "As far as 'liberals' being apologists for Palestine, I think that you will also find American 'liberals' who support Israel as well."

No doubt about it. Fortunately, one of the most prominent members of this club appears to be approaching the end of his bloody (in every sense of the word) political career.

Unfortunately another very prominent zionist "liberal" seems all set to make a very serious run at the presidency.

Anonymous said...

Now, Darius, don't you worry your little Hate America head about that thar Hillary Clintoon. T'aint as if she had a hootbats chance in aichee-double-hockey-sticks of actually gretting ho'self elected to the Peeresidency.

Besides, pretty soon Mad Man Mahmoud's a-gonna wip out his 12th Imam (PBUH) and cleanse the world of all Jews and Infidels. That includes yours truly, but t'aint as if I'm worried about it, or mad atch y'all.

Shucks, I figger that even if them thar Ayrabs do take over the whole whizbam world, kit and kaboodle, at least none of us will be forced to look at Cindy Sheehan without her wearing a full, black burqa.

Hoo whee, yessireebob, Allah is merciful.

Dariush said...

OMG! That's soooo clever, affecting a "redneck" accent like that.

Why didn't I think of that?
Comedic genius you are. Ever thought about touring the Borscht Belt?

I posted this on Nikki's blog already, but what the hell.

Apparently the Hawaiians are inviting a missile strike from North Korea because those limp-wristed liberal traitors and appeasers had such a strong pro-Kucinich element among their delegates to the '04 Dem convention. I know because Frontpagemag told me so.

And while I don't trust the liberal pro-jihadi media, and their lying phony baloney polls any further than I can throw them, I know, in my heart of hearts, that David Horowitz speaks for America, and cares about America's welfare first and foremost. Which is why I always take off my thinking cap and shut off my traitorous critical thinking faculties and get all the patriotically correct "news" I can handle from Fox, Frontpagemag, WorldNutDaily, MichelleMalkin.com and related State-approved outlets.

Hooda Thunkit said...

"Call it "historical momentum," perhaps."

Good call!

"Historical," because they have historically acted this way.

And "momentum," because they're headed that way again.

BTW, I hadn't even thought about the divine aspect. To me it was more about, "Based on how they've acted before, I don't see it turning out differently this time either."

Sorta like the "old dog" Carty ;-)