Jul 9, 2006

Curwood Castle - Owosso, MI

Photo by historymike

(Owosso, MI) While passing through this mid-Michigan town I came upon this marvellous building, once the home and writing studio of American novelist James Oliver Curwood.

The property overlooks the Shiawassee River, one of the world's few true northerly-flowing rivers. Curwood used to write in one of the building's turrets, likely using the scenic waterway as a source of inspiration for his wilderness-oriented works.

As a side bit of trivia, Curwoods's 1916 novel The Grizzly King was the basis for the 1989 film The Bear.


Jeffrey Smith said...

In forty odd years of looking at buildings (some of them odder than others.) I've never seen a roof like that entrance section. And it all seems to be tacked on to an ordinary front-gabled house. See what a little imagination can accomplish.

Anonymous said...

mike, any idea if the home is a private residence still?

Hooda Thunkit said...

So much character!

I would love to tour it if it were public.

Beautiful picture Mike.

Tim said...

Its open to the public. Something like $2 will get you a tour. No AC, so I'd suggest going sometime when its not too hot out cause it gets quite warm, especially in the upper rooms.