Jul 20, 2006

Dear Hummer-Driving Business Owner


(Toledo, OH) I am not one to begrudge anyone being successful; if entrepreneurs make a healthy profit and want to invest in expensive toys, more power to them.

I was passed by a brand-new Hummer today on a Toledo thoroughfare. This, in itself, is nothing particularly noteworthy, as Hummer drivers - in my experience - tend to be a bit on the aggressive side.

What I found curious was the sign affixed to the rear windows, which advertised a local plumbing business (name withheld). It seems to me that, despite the temptation to self-promote, a business that caters to lower- and middle-class customers might not want to associate its name with high profits.

Plumbers as a group, after all, are not among the most trusted of professionals, and I suspect that everyone reading this has had a negative experience with a plumber in which they felt ripped off. It took me five years in Toledo as a business owner to find a plumber I trusted (hat tip to Coyle Mechanical).

Anyways, happy motoring and do consider how your sign might be interpreted by the people whose plumbing work you are performing.


Anonymous said...

Nope - give me a plumber in an old Dodge van who knows how to get the job done.

Name withheld to protect the guilty said...

I'm sure you've heard the joke about the plumber who hands the doctor a $300 bill for an hour of work, and the doctor says, "I'm a doctor, and I don't make that much money."

The plumber says: "I didn't make that much money when I was a doctor either."

Kate said...

Yes they do drive aggressively. Working in Arrowhead Park last winter, near that Hummer dealer - ok this is a rant :-)

The DUMBASSES that drive those things think that because they can go 45 miles an hour on icy roads, all the cars should be able to also. And they encourage them by tailgating, lights flashing etc. Very intimidating behavior. I wanted to get out and sock one in the eye.

Hooda Thunkit said...

You guys pay plumbers???

Mrs. Thunkit never pays me. . .