Jul 12, 2006

Heavy Rains Bring New Round of Toledo Flooding

Left: Corner of Harvest and Ariel in West Toledo; photo by historymike

(Toledo, OH) A series of showers and thundershowers rolled through northwest Ohio today, and homeowners across the city began bailing out from the fourth round of major flooding in as many weeks.

Improvements in the Tifft Ditch, Eisenbraum Ditch, and and Shantee Creek flood control zones have not produced the desired results, and many homeowners believe that flooding has actually worsened in the areas near the "improved" waterways.

While some of the storms - in particular, the 5-6 inches of rain that hit the area June 21-22 - have been severe, areas that never flooded in the past seem to be prone to backups.

Toledo's $450 million Waterways Initiative has been touted as a necessary and desirable series of capital improvements, but many Toledoans are becoming fed up with flooding problems that seem to be worsening despite millions of dollars poured into flood control.


Anonymous said...

Toledo's sewer systems and flood control systems are FUBAR. This is the FIFTH time my basement has flooded this year (I live by Douglas and Laskey).

Hooda Thunkit said...

Put your trust in Government ro:

Underestimate, underdesign, undersize
and neglect, while overcharging, over promising, and overspending.

For the taxpayer no promise is too big, no tax too large, and no con too grand, to separate them from their money.

We are the Government, and we're here to HELP you. So, drop 'em, bend over and grab your ankles, and count backwards from ($)450 million by sevens...