Jul 12, 2006

Lake Michigan Shoreline

Left: photo by historymike

On a trip to northern Michigan last week I took this photo of Lake Michigan in Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore.

I was amazed at the wide range of bluish hues in the water of the bay under a July sun.

In the near distance is Pyramid Point, and beyond that you can just catch a glimpse of South Manitou Island.

The dunes derived their name from an Ojibwe legend about the misfortune of a mother bear and her two baby cubs. The mother bear took her cubs across Lake Michigan to escape a fire in Wisconsin, and became seperated from them along the way. North and South Manitou Islands represent the drowned cubs, while the forest land and dunes are the place that commemorates the mourning mother bear.


Hooda Thunkit said...


Did you make the climb?

It has been years, but I wouldn't have missed the Westward view of Lake Michigan from the top of the dunes.

And, that steep drop into the lake...

The colors are unforgettable.

historymike said...

Nah, we didn't do the "main" dunes, choosing instead to explore a sparsely-populated area further north.

I have done "The Climb" many times in the past. Going down is the fun part - it takes an a half-hour to walk up, and like 30 seconds to run down.