Jul 10, 2006

Neo-Nazi Group NSM May Be Breaking Up

Left: Bill White and the NSM in Toledo on October 15, 2005

(Toledo, OH) Reports are coming in from a variety of sources that the National Socialist Movement (NSM) - the neo-Nazi group whose presence in a north Toledo neighborhood sparked a major riot last October - may be on the verge of imploding.

One of the luminaries in the white supremacist group, Bill White, has initiated a series of blistering web articles on his Overthrow.com site after being "suspended" by the NSM (he claims that he resigned, but either way White is most definitely out). Among the most serious charges are that NSM Chairman Cliff Herrington and his wife Andrea also run a group known as Joy of Satan Ministries, a pagan/satanist collective.

The disclosures have apparently ripped through organization, and many of the NSM's state units have resigned. Nicole Nichols of Citizens Against Hate first broke the story of the NSM-Joy of Satan connections, and has several excellent articles on her blog.

While racists, many NSM members maintain a Christian religious affiliation, or have ties with the white nationalist Christian Identity movement. News that the NSM chairman may be tied to Satanists must be unsettling to members who hold more mainstream religious affiliations.

White, whose arrival in the NSM in 2004 coincided with the group's meteoric rise in white nationalist circles, disavows any notion that he will form his own party, but it seems unlikely that he will remain on the sidelines for very long. With his organizational skills and access to NSM mailing lists, White is in an enviable position if he chooses to create another white nationalist group.

Harry Schwartz has also been documenting White's efforts to incorporate the NSM name in Virginia, and it is not unlikely that Bill White will attempt a legal maneuver to wrest control of the organization from Herrington and NSM Commander Jeff Schoep.

While I find his politics and tactics repulsive, White's departure from the NSM is nonetheless a major blow for the Nazis. He almost singlehandedly brought the group from being also-rans among the racist right to the largest force promoting white seperatism in the United States.


Anonymous said...


Do you HONESTLY believe anyone would follow Bill White? The guy is a certifiable loonie!

Hooda Thunkit said...

It is indeed a sad day (somewhere, not here) when a close knit bunch like the NSM has to suffer through such an internal squabble ;-)

Keep us posted, if you can stand to follow this depressing story further :-)




(I'm not very good at controlling my glee, have to work on that more...)

historymike said...


I am unconvinced that Bill White is a "loonie."

Narcissistic, probably. Odd, definitely. Sociopathic, possibly.

But not insane. He knows full well what he is doing at any given moment, and he plots his moves like a chess player.

historymike said...

Sure, Hooda, I'll follow it and keep people updated. The NSM came on my radar screen in 2005 when they visited Toledo, and I have been watching them ever since.

It is difficult to say what the NSM will look like if they survive White's revelations (regardless of their veracity). Charges of pedophilia and satanism would be difficult for NSM leaders to overcome.

Of course, if White just pulls a coup d'etat (or more accurately coup de partie), the NSM will be White's for the taking.

Jeffrey Smith said...

I think I'm going to log off now. That picture made my blood boil.

liberal_dem said...

Well, as they are all knuckleheads and they are aging, perhaps they have arthritis of the skull. You know, hard to move them brain joints.

nsm_toledo said...

Bill has already started another group- consisting of about 3 members that quit the NSM. He's also pulling a few people off the fence- but this is having no effect at all on the NSM as a whole. We have removed two people from our main office, and lost about 5-8 "SA men" nationwide. On the upside, this has offered us the opportunity to remove a couple of troublemakers, and everyone seems pretty happy with the results. The rumors of "considerable damage" being done to our membership have been generated, for the most part, by Bill himself, in a predictable slew of backstabbing and slander. We have not lost even one member in Ohio or Michigan, and continue to grow- Yes, even in Toledo. See you in Columbus (speculative date early September)!

Anonymous said...

Hey NSM_Toledo, get your irrational facist ass the fuck away from our free web site. You think anyone takes shit you say seriously???? I was in Lansing-I used to think you were some sort of threat. Then I came face to face with you. I have to say, You were pathetic. You have no logical thought prossess. A waste of fucking time. I hope I meet you personally... or maybe I did, was it you bleeding from the ear under my foot? or some other bonehead.. You all look the same anyway. Oh and news flash - JESUS WASNT WHITE!!!! HE WAS MIDDLE EASTERN!!!! fucking moran.