Jul 4, 2006

On Squirrels and Bird Feeders

Squirrel eyeing my bird feederLeft: Sciuridae carolinensis, plotting its next attack on my bird feeders

(Toledo, OH) I have come to a decision in life regarding the dozens of pesky rodents that inhabit the area in and around my teeming plot of urban wilderness.

I will learn to enjoy them.

I have engaged in a number of futile efforts to keep my small bird sanctuary free from squirrels, and these plans have all been thwarted by the Eastern gray squirrel.

Supposedly "bird-proof" feeders work for only a few days until the squirrels learn how to defeat the system. The latest feeder, hanging from a metal hook five feet above the ground, has been compromised simply by squirrels flinging themselves at the pole and gathering up the fallen bird food.

I tried to pursue a policy of appeasement with the wily critters, and set up a feeding trough away from the bird area replete with corn kernels and sunflower seeds. The squirrels, however, have decided that they have now merely been blessed with an extra place to dine.

My new dog Jimmy , a six-year-old sheltie we adopted, valiantly attempts to police the bird zone. He chases the squirrels up the nearest tree, even though he is scarcely bigger than them.

Jimmy, however, spends much of his time indoors, and the squirrels return to their nefarious activity as soon as they see the dog trot back to the house.

Thus, I resign myself to my fate as Almighty Human Provider of Seeds, and have adopted an open border strategy with regard to the rogue rodents, who join the neighborhood chipmunks in competition with my winged visitors for the food I supply.


Jeffrey Smith said...

Smart move. Where squirrels are concerned, resistance is futile.

Do said...


My other half says that each and every bird and squirrel in Lucas County thanks me daily for filling the 6 large feeders scattered in the yard. :) This happens at least twice a week.

I have decided that Anderson's is about the best place to go and stock up on groceries for these freeloaders. The 50# bags are a blessing. I have taken to storing the seed in galvanized trash cans and using bungee cords to keep the critters from opening them and helping themselves.

The squirrels can be pesky, but you have to admire their ingenuity when it comes to scoping out the free food. Even the rabbits around here have become quite resourceful. ;)

Buddy, our 5 year old Chow/Wolfhound mix, used to try and chase the squirrels and rabbits away, but then decided he was outnumbered. Now he just lays on the deck and watches them.

BrianMaxson said...

Might I suggest placing M-60 machine gun nests at each corner of the yard, a sniper's nest on the roof and claymores along the base of each tree within 2 clicks of your home?

Just an idea I saw in a video game.

Berserker said...

After spending 40 bucks on a "squirrel proof" bird feeder and have the squirrels defeat it in a matter of days; I feel your pain.

Do said...

Those squirrels are quite resourceful! They easily outwit humans - and that's kind of embarrassing.

Hooda Thunkit said...


”I will learn to enjoy them.”

You might as well, they can’t be outwitted ;-)