Jul 18, 2006

OTA Link Love

(Toledo, OH) On Tuesdays, I perform my duties as a member of the Open Trackback Alliance and highlight some sites and posts that I found noteworthy on the sites of other members.

Follow this link to learn more about the project, which was developed by Samantha Burns.

Other interesting OTA blogs I visited this week: TMH's Bacon Bits, the unusual Quietly Making Noise, the wretched hive of scum and villainy at Pirate's Cove, Canadian-style politics at Grandinite, the good fun at 7 Deadly Sins, and my must-visit, thrice-daily trips to Liberal Common Sense. >

1 comment:

Roland Hansen said...

I still do not understand what a "trackback" is. I started reading the Open Trackback Alliance (OTA) FAQs and felt totally lost and consequently gave up. I just use the techno stuff and don't understand it. Then again, I suppose if I really tried to learn it I probably could. On the other hand, I know enough to get by for my purpose. I think it may frustrate my son Adam and my nephew Jason, though, when I go running to them for help.
I remind me of the generation before me that couldn't learn how to operate a microwave oven or program a VCR.
Oh, sheesh, I really have dated myself!