Jul 30, 2006

St. George Festival: Culinary Heaven

St. George Antiochian Orthodox Left: St. George Antiochian Orthodox

(Toledo, OH) During the summer many churches in the Toledo area hold festivals, but none compare with the 30th annual St. George Antiochian Orthodox gala.

Sure, some festivals have better rides, and some offer gambling, but only St. George offers delicious Middle Eastern food.

And not just a bunch of warmed-over gyro sandwiches, either.

Pictured at left is the combination platter, featuring baked kibbe, stuffed grape leaves, a meat pie, and a lamb/beans/rice medley. I admit that I arrived hungry, but I have never eaten so well at a church festival; most of the local fairs feature the typical hot dogs, cotton candy, and other barely edible items.

The food quality was on par with the better Lebanese and Greek restaurants, and there is nothing better than finishing a meal with a Turkish coffee and baklava.

Today is the last day for the festival, so be sure to visit. The church is located at 3754 Woodley Road between Sylvania and Central, and runs from noon until 9 pm today; admission is $2 today. Be sure to take one of the tours of this beautiful church, as well.


Do said...

Wow! the food looks delicious! If it wasn't so darned hot I would head over there and fill up! :)

I don't do the heat well and to try and chow down on this type of feast in this heat would certainly have me feeling 'under the weather' before I could finish.

It doesn't pay to be a 'humidity wimp'! :)

Hooda Thunkit said...

Your camera skills in this post were excellent!

Beautiful church and the plate shots were good enough to eat ;-)

Lloyd said...

I went last year, and took a tour of the church and it was amazing.