Jul 15, 2006

Storm Victims

Left: Flattened corn

(Toledo, OH) My basement did not flood in yesterday's strong summer storm, but many of my plants took quite a beating.

Among the casualties were several tomato plants, inhabitants of a zucchini mound, and a dozen green bean plants.

I was most saddened, though, at the pounding received by some of my giant sunflowers, several of which snapped under the weight of the raindrops.

Left: a six-foot sunflower plant has now been halved.

Between storms, childrens' soccer balls, and the usual assortment of rabbits, squirrels, and chipmunks the death toll in my gardens has been quite high this summer.

One species, though, seems to be thriving amidst the turmoil: spaghetti squash. The plants have long since muscled their way into the territory once held by pepper plants, and already there are about two dozen fruit maturing on the vines.

Alas, I am not much of a spaghetti squash eater. I prefer the yellow squash, which - as fate would have it - got pummeled yesterday.


Kate said...

We got all squashed also. Tomato's, gladiola's, hollyhocks. :-(

I feel guilty even noticing when some people have sewage in their uninhabitable houses though....I still can't believe that.

historymike said...

Agreed about flooding victims, Kate. I was shooting for a sense of goofy irony in calling my dead plants "victims" and describing the "death toll."

That being said, one of the local TV newscasts said that NWO farmers will see agricultural losses in the "tens of millions" as a result of the damage from the 4 big storms in the last month.

Hooda Thunkit said...


You must have caught the brunt of the last storm.

Although we again suffered minimal basement flooding, the garden was relatively unscathed yet again.

Maybe you had some hail...