Jul 16, 2006

Two-Faced Kitten Born in Ohio


Left: unnamed kitten with two faces; photo courtesy of NBC10.com

(Grove City, OH) A kitten possessing two distinct faces was born in this Ohio city last week in what veterinarians call a "very rare" and "bizarre" occurrence.

The young feline has has two mouths, two noses, and four eyes that have yet to open. The mouths apparently mew in unison.

The scientific term for this mutation is diprosopus, which is also known as craniofacial duplication.

Charles Roberts, the boy who owns the kittens and the mother, said he hasn't decided on a name for the kitten, but he is leaning toward the name "Tiger."

The idea of owning a two-faced cat apparently does not faze young Roberts.

"I was playing outside in the rain. Once I came in, I saw a two-faced cat my mom was picking up," he said. "That's how I knew there was a two-faced cat."

No jokes about the kitten's future career in politics, please.


Anonymous said...

(shudder!) that's very weird, Mike!

Jimmy da udder brudda said...

History Mike sinks to carnival freaks for blog hits - so sad.

historymike said...


Anyone listing "DallasCowboys.com" as a homepage is in no position to talk about carnival freaks. Need I remind you that the Cowboys landed T.O. in the offseason?

Borg said...

Man, that sure is a cute kitty.

Here in my hometown library/museum, we have a cat with nine legs and two tails preserved in some piss-colored formaldahyde.

As a child, it was a massive inspiration to me.

Know where I can get a cool cat like that?

Anonymous said...


Lisa Renee said...



Unfortunately the kitten probably won't surive, typically when that type of deformity happens there are other health issues as well.

Hooda Thunkit said...

"No jokes about the kitten's future career in politics, please."


Okay we would but you didn't have go and tell us NOT to...

Lisa's right, the kitten probably won't survive long.

It would be interesting though, to find out what the brain structure would be like.

Two separate brains, no matter how small, would be better that one shared brain.

Anonymous said...

I think the kitten is so cute! I hope the poor little thing lives!

BrianMaxson said...

Someone stole this poor animal.

I hope they go above and beyond on the justice to the culprit.

Kate said...

the stole this kitten? Are you serious? He was on the national news yesterday. A woman in 'Columbus'. The reporter had a hard time with it.

The Farmer in the Dell said...

There is this video of a 2 nosed cow. SO GROSS! Check it out: http://thenewsroom.com/details/293754/Life+and+Leisure

Anonymous said...

twice the kisses and all the love you can get i just had a litter of kittens born to my little tabby so they are all cute and twice the love shown now will be returned when tiger is older