Aug 7, 2006

DC in the August Heat

National Museum of the American Indian Left: National Museum of the American Indian

(Washington, DC) Everything that you ever heard about DC being a unbearable swamp in summer is true. After taking care of some business, I decided to hit a few tourist sites in the 94-degree, 106-heat index city.

My first stop was the Museum of the American Indian, located on the Mall. The facility, which opened in 2004, features a wide variety of exhibits and performances on indigenous peoples in the Americas, although it is heavily skewed toward those in the territories of the United States.
US Capitol building Left: US Capitol building

I also joined the herded masses in a short tour of the Capitol building. The earlier one plans ahead to see the Capitol, the better; the smart tourists call their congresspersons and arrange private tours. The somewhat-smart ones (like me) get to the Capitol early for passes, and the first-generation-walking-upright types waltz up at 2:00 pm thinking they can shake hands with Denny Hastert.

I am always amazed at the number of people speaking languages other than English when I travel to DC. In a few short hours I have heard more foreign languages than I may have heard in the last six months in Toledo.

I continue to struggle finding decent free wireless in this area. Lots of secured signals, but I am not really interested in trying to hack my way onto a government wireless signal. I hear Guantanamo Bay is extremely hot this time of year.


LTLOP said...

If you plan on going to the Archives go towards closing time, far less of a wait. There is a great Tapas bar just north of the city close to where the Capitals play. If you are still there on sunday check out the Kennedy Ctr. My sis-in-law said that they have an awesome brunch. If you can, please head north of the Capitol could you please get a picture of the Fa-king chinese restaurant. I'm not kidding about that one. I'm trying to go thru my itinerary for the 8th grade trip. Also if you don't have it consider getting you Library of Congress card. Takes about 15 min, just use it once every 2 yrs and it stays good. Also try to get the Marine Barracks on Friday for the sunset ceremony. Its awesome to see the discipline of the silent drill team. Either Wed/Thurs the Corps has a special service at the Iwo Jima Memorial as well about 6:00, in fact I think they run shuttle busses from the parking lot at Arlington Cemetery. If you also get to the Lincoln look at outer edges where the state are listed. You should be able to see bullet marks. Supposedly there was a gunner stationed on top of the White House during WWII. He fell asleep on his weapon, causing it to go off, hence the marks. Just some ideas for you. Don't forget the fa-king rest....

historymike said...

Thanks for the idea, ltlop. I shall endeavor to find the Fa-King.

And if there is a Food King, I will make sure to see if they have any good Food King deals (best if said rapidly).

LTLOP said...

The story behind that is as our bus was coming into D.C. from College Park we passed it. All of the chaperones started laughing and busting a gut. The 8th graders were completly confused. Ah... to have a juvenile mind and understand it.

Hooda Thunkit said...

Years ago, we did a couple of days in D.C. in the Summer.

Never again; D.C. is best suited to Spring and Autumn visits, when it isn't bone-chilling cold or as warm/wet as your arm pit...