Aug 2, 2006

Giant Sunflowers

giant sunflower (Toledo, OH) My giant sunflowers have begun to blossom, despite the efforts of my children to suppress their growth with repeated thumpings-by-soccer-ball. This specimen is almost nine feet in height.

A series of heavy rain storms in late June and early July also took their toll on these plants. I believe that only six will reach maturity.

giant sunflower with stunted growth Interestingly, I have another half-dozen of these giant sunflowers whose growth was stunted by the place in which I planted them.

A tall pine tree shades the area in which they sprouted, denying them about four hours of sunlight in the morning. They get full sun from noon until dusk, but that apparently was enough to reduce their growth to about five feet in height.


Petrograde said...

Wow, that first pic jumps out at you. I thought I was tripping.

Lisa Renee said...

Our neighbors have some that are doing pretty good in the alley. Miguel took a photos Sunflowers are in room 2. I can't interest him in moving over to blogger - he's happy at tripod. Probably because of his always wanting background music - lol


Do said...

Great photo of that sunflower Mike. I had some like that years ago and I believe they were called Russian Mammoths. They were gorgeous.

Hey Lisa - tell Miguel that he needs to put a guest book or comment area on his site. He does some beautiful shots!

Lisa Renee said...

I'll do that Do as well as pass on the compliment.


Anonymous said...

Looks like you need your picket fences painted.

Maggie Thurber said...

Mike - I've loved the photos of your garden and these are no exception.

Hey anon - I like the look of the picket fences! It's called "weathered" and people pay a lot these days to get their fences, furniture to look like that!

Do said...

Wow! Weathered is a bad thing??? Now I'm crushed - I happen to think I look 'weathered'. ;)

Anonymous said...

maggie thurber says "Hey anon - I like the look of the picket fences! It's called "weathered" and people pay a lot these days to get their fences, furniture to look like that!"

There goes the property values! *calling the building & inspection department*

historymike said...


I like that.

I am pretty good at painting the outside of the fence, so the neighbors don't have to see my "weathering."

Hooda Thunkit said...

Great shots Mike!

On some previous pictures, did I notice that a polarizing lens was in use?

The skies were far too "deep blue" IMO, to have captured without the aid of one.

At least, around here, that is ;-)

historymike said...

Not a filter, Hooda.

I did use Photo Impression to play with the contrast and brightness. I was trying to have the sunflower replace the sun in the picture, but it came out a bit too bright with the rays behind the flower.