Aug 4, 2006

God Has a Blog

(Toledo, OH) While scanning through my Site Meter list of recent visitors, I came across God's Blog as a referring site.

I am not sure if it was God, one of His minions, or one of His site visitors who stopped by Historymike, but thanks for visiting.

God's Blog, published by (naturally) "I am that I am," features a daily Bible passage, and has a section for comments. I suppose one could leave a virtual prayer in the comments section; what else would one say to God?

From the passages that I read, it appears God prefers the New International Version (NIV) of the Bible, and that He prefers New Tesatment quotes over Old Testament quotes by about a 2:1 ratio. When He quotes the Old Testament, He is most likely to cite Psalms or Proverbs than any other books.

God does not link to any sites, which makes sense, since He is God. Only seven sites, however, have linked back to God since March 2005.

It also appears that God was on vacation in June, as He did not post any entries from June 8 until June 20.

Anyways, thanks for visiting, God!


The Lord Almighty said...

Thanks for linking to Me, Mike. May God - I mean Me - bless you!

Lisa Renee said... about the hand of God...


Maggie Thurber said...

clever! Maybe I should surf on over and ask Him if he really did put all those billboards out....

liberal_dem said...

You've reached the ultimate, Mike! Hopefully 'he' won't be calling you 'home' any time soon.

kooz said...

It couldn't be God. God would never endorse the NIV. Its watered down, to politically correct and extemely flawed by its translators.

Kate said...

Funny - how many said it couldn't be when Jesus showed up too :-)

This is great Mike - thanks for posting.