Aug 14, 2006

Gunmen Sieze Two Fox Journalists in Gaza

Steve Centanni Left: Fox reporter Steve Centanni

(Gaza City) Two Fox News journalists were taken against their will Monday in Gaza, according to the network's Jerusalem bureau.

A Fox employee in Gaza said that those abducted were reporter Steve Centanni, a US citizen, and an unnamed cameraman from New Zealand. Radio New Zealand is reporting that the captured New Zealander is Olaf Wiig.

Olaf WiigLeft: Freelance cameraman Olaf Wiig

Known militant groups in Gaza denied having any connection to the abductions. There has been no word of any demands made by the kidnappers.

The Committee to Protect Journalists condemned the kidnappings.

"We are gravely concerned about our colleagues' safety and call for their immediate and unconditional release," said Joel Simon, CPJ's executive director. "These are well established journalists who are not participants in the conflict. They should be treated accordingly and freed."


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Name withheld to protect the guilty said...

I read that CNN was reporting this before Fox was. Talk about embarassing, to be scooped about your own employees!

Dariush said...


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I admit to having mixed feelings about this. On the one hand, there's the issue of the freedom of the press (espceially its freedom of access). On the other hand, there's the fact that people on the receiving end of a campaign of mass media demonization and dehumanization will occassionally lash out at members of a news media who have proven themselves time and time again to be anything but objective.

I remember in '99 when Serbs targeted CNN reporters and camera crews for retribution and thinking "stop whining about it, you've waged a decade long media war against these people and now you're upset that they're turning their wrath on you? It's called karma. Deal with it."