Aug 18, 2006

John Mark Karr Once Married to a 12-Year-Old Girl

John Mark Karr at a Thai new conferenceLeft: John Mark Karr at a Thai news conference on Thursday

(Hamilton, AL) The saga involving suspected killer John Mark Karr just keeps geeting stranger by the minute. The Rocky Mountain News is reporting that Karr once convinced a 12-year-old girl to lie about her age so the two could get married.

Karr was about 18 at the time, according to Melissa Shotts, the mother of Quientana Shotts Ray.

"He took her out of state," she said. "No one can understand what we went through at the time."

Shotts said that the ordeal was devastating for her family.

"This happened 20 years ago, and to see him on the news, we were shocked," she said. "He was abusing her every way there was."

In 1989 Karr married his second wife, Lara Knutson, when she was 16 years of age. The couple had three children together before divorcing.


Anonymous said...

Ugh. He should be executed for being such a lousy poet.

Anonymous said...

What a freak!

Anonymous said...

There is no way Americans or anybody else at that, should have to pay for a plane ticket or even one more pice of bread for this freakasoid, they should just shoot him now, he is not even worthy of the bullet..

Charles J. Hamil said...

In 1996,the Boulder Police investigation into Jonbonet's death, developed nothing more than tunnelvision and may have completely destroyed the Ramsey family. It's rare that detectives should get a second chance. Slow down on this Karr guy. He needs to be gone over with a fine tooth comb, instead of the weed wacker police used 10 years ago.

Nicholas Borelli said...

I write about predators like Karr and others of his ilk in two of my several books. What Karr and other predators need is described in "Let No Man Be My Albatross" and "FATA! The Act of the Avengeance." In both cases the predator gets to meet up with the fathers of the victims.

Nick Borelli

Anonymous said...

It is the worse to know that a man like this came from your town, your city, your neighborhood. A place there is no voilence, no killers, and definitly not rapests. But we are blinded due to the things we love and enjoy. So to have someone like that come from your home, it makes you realize the devil is still must alive.
God Bless