Aug 12, 2006

Malfunctioning Pedestrian Signal

(Washington, DC) This Georgetown traffic signal seems to be indicating something other than a safe street crossing; I'll leave to the imagination of readers exactly what this sign means. I would normally posit that you can "click to enlarge," but that might be construed as overly suggestive.

The malfunction appears to be a combination of traffic signals.

At the left is the signal for a safe crossing: a white human outline walking. This person seems a bit hurried, but not exhibiting any of the strange appendages of the first photo.

At least, no visible appendages are apparent.

The next photo is of the "Do Not Cross" variety, featuring an orange hand in the upraised "Stop" position.

Even more interesting is the fact that the malfunctioning sign flashes (pun only slightly intended) on and off as the light is about to change, making the orange appendage seem, well, throbbing.

Feel free to create your own caption for the first photo in the comments section. I am intrigued to see the level of depravity to which visitors might sink.


Anonymous said...

That HAS to be a setup.

historymike said...

Nope. The light is on the north side of M Street NW near 31st in Georgetown.

The photo was not doctored in any way.

LTLOP said...

I think it means if you try to cross you get a UFIA.

JP said...

This is humorous. I thought such things happen only in the 3rd world countries!

Joseph Ponnou

Name withheld to protect the guilty said...

See, you should have posted a YouTube video...

Hooda Thunkit said...


The traffic controller's logic shouldn't allow this to happen without tripping a conflict monitor, which should have put the intersection into flash mode.

Most likely there is some scrambled logic in the display behind the lens, that is "downstream" of the usual protections and monitoring devices.

If so, there is no electronic way of sensing this kind of ocnflict, short of human observation.

I'm guessing here... ;-)