Aug 1, 2006

Mel Gibson's Mug Shot, Latest Mad Mel News

Mel Gibson mug shotLeft: Mel Gibson's Malibu mug shot, courtesy of The Smoking Gun

(Malibu, CA) Mel Gibson has checked into a rehab facility for alcohol abuse, according to spokesman Alan Nierob.

Gibson was arrested July 28 after deputies stopped him for speeding at 2:36 am, and he was clocked driving 87 mph in a 45 mph zone. The blood-alcohol test that was administered registered 0.12 percent.

According to police reports Gibson made anti-Semitic comments, threatened officers, and referred to a female deputy by the term "sugar t*ts."

The fallout from Gibson's drunken tirades is beginning to appear. ABC television has cancelled a planned mini-series about the Holocaust it was developing with Mel Gibson, although the spokesperson declined to disclose whether the decision was based on Gibson's arrest.

Gibson has also come under criticism for his non-specific apology, which only mentioned "despicable" comments that he made. The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) said and Gibson's apology for anti-Semitic comments were "unremorseful and insufficient" and that the incident "finally reveals his true self."

Gibson came under fire by some groups for the supposed anti-Semitic slant in Passion of the Christ, and he has made comments in the past that some construe as indicative of his bigotry toward Jews.


Anonymous said...

He actually looks pretty good, not like Nick Nolte did!

McCaskey said...

Or Glen Campbell. has some terrific (or horrific) mugshots of celebrities arrested over the years. If you want some shallow escapism and some laughs, check it out.
Then, of course, return to historymike.

Anonymous said...

The media blitz against Mel is rediculous. So the guy said some fucked up things while he was drunk? Even if he believes them, what does it matter? Does it make his story-telling any less truthful? Does it make him any a different person from the one that's been admired over the past couple of decades? Of course not.

historymike said...

Agreed about the Glen Campbell pic, McCaskey. I'd forgotten that one.

historymike said...


I've said some stupid things while drunk, but to my knowledge I haven't uttered anti-Semitic remarks.

Bill Cosby once said that an "asshole who drinks is still an asshole; he's just a bigger one when he's drunk."

And, frankly, 0.12 percent isn't exactly falling-down drunk, although if Mel had been dry for a period of time it might hit him harder than it would a regular drinker.

Timothy said...

Mel gibson, thorugh his remarks, only adds credence to the claims of anti-semitism in his movie "The Passion of the Christ". It seems now only more obvious that segments of the movie were skewed by his own personal bias against Jews.

McCaskey said...

I still maintain, that for the most part, people who get loud and belligerent when they're drunk let loose with feelings they actually have, but would not probably disclose, if they were sober. When sober, their defenses are up. When drunk, the guard comes down (albeit involuntarily).
I don't think you start blasting Jews when you're drunk unless you really feel they way, although under the radar, when you're sober.

Anonymous said...

Gibson's daddy is big-time conspiracy hoo-haw and psuedo-Holocaust Denier Hutton Gibson.

I caught an interview with the fossilized Gibson Sr. on Alex Jones about a year ago. Hutton Gibson spent most of the interview answering Jones's questions with an "Oh yes," and a "I agree", and even a "I'd sure like to see that."

The whole family is fruitcakey, to say the least. It's some wierd renegade Catholic sect don't believe in Jews or something, I dunno. Anyway I've NEVER liked Gibson's movies outside of Mad Max, and that Jesus flick was just NOT all it was cracked up to be.

There. I've vented my spleen.

Dariush said...

Borg/EB: "There. I've vented my spleen."

And since you've done so "anonymously" you can pretend that you still haven't broken your vow of no more posts on "moonbat" sites. :) (wink)