Aug 7, 2006

Nighttime on the Mall

Lincoln Memorial at nightLeft: Lincoln Memorial

(Washington, DC) Tourist photos of tourist sites make for boring reading, so I vow to keep my DC-area blogging to a minimum.

I do like a few of these shots I took tonight on the Mall, so I hope you will indulge me. Besides, the thronging homeless multitudes and swarms of gnats made this a bit of an urban safari, but more on these topics later.

Washington Monument reflected in the MallLeft: Washington Monument meets its reflection on the Mall

It is a hot, sticky night in DC, but the illuminated icons in the American capital can make even the most cynical pundit pause for a moment of patriotic reflection.

Those who gathered for the late-night tourist extravaganza were also treated to some meteorological theatrics, as passing thunderstorms skirted the District of Columbia while offering a dazzling lightning performance.

I tried to photograph a striking bolt, but I lacked the tripod, the luck, and the persistence to catch one.


LTLOP said...

Mike, here's an idea. Since you take so many photos, quite good at that. Why not try adding/linking to Flickr? That way those that enjoy your photos can look at them and those that don't, well who cares about them. Just an idea.....

Hooda Thunkit said...

Gnats like warm, sweaty places.

Worse than gnats though, are candidates for any federal election ;-)

Enjoy your stay, considering the weather.