Aug 31, 2006

On the Sounds of War and Butterfly Wings

F16 Fighting FalconLeft: F16 Fighting Falcon; photo courtesy of USAF

(Toledo, OH) Over the past few days I have heard quite a few military jets take off from the airbase in suburban Toledo. My house lies under the flight path of the F16s of the 180th Fighter Wing.

It seems to me that I have not heard this much activity since the days after the 2001 terrorist attacks in New York and Washington, DC. This, however, is one person's opinion, and should not be construed as providing material aid to enemies foreign or domestic.

The rumbling of Fighting Falcons over my house was juxtaposed with the bellicose, chest-thumping rhetoric of the hosts of Fox and Friends this morning, who performed their duties as America's most telegenic beaters of war drums against Iran and other nameless "enemies."

The sounds of war envelop us, and I suppose it is only a matter of time before the World War III trumpeted by the likes of Newt Gingrich become reality for the denizens of the planet.

We do, however, have a small amount of time remaining to change course, as war is never inevitable.

We can also demand that our elected leaders - Republican, Democrat, or Other - navigate us away from war and toward a world of peace.

I know that by writing these words I am condemning myself to the label of dreamy peacenik (or that I am suffering from "moral and intellectual confusion," in the parlance of Donald Rumsfeld), and that my insignificant voice will have little effect against what seems to be a tidal wave of pro-war sentiment.

Monarch butterfly
But perhaps this post could be the virtual equivalent of the metaphorical butterfly's wings that create a tiny atmospheric disturbance that - following the logic of chaos theory - lead to profound changes elsewhere. So here goes:

No war. No war. No war.


W. Johnson said...

Another example of pitched slanted information is when Dick Cheney appeared on Fox News and Meet the Press shows stating that no one could predict the population of Iraq breaking out into civil war causing the U.S.’s problems to date. But when Dick Cheney was George H.W. Bush’s Secretary of Defense, he stated in 1991 on ABC’s program This Week, the reason why the administration changed and abandoned the hapless Shia to Saddam’s murderous fury was because on second thought they preferred “stability” in Iraq under Saddam to what would happen in Iraq if U.S. troops ever enter Iraq: “Civil War, with U.S. troops caught in a quagmire.” My, how a decade, plus or minus, makes a difference in our memory.

JohnL said...

I like the sentiment, so I dropped a note about it into my blog. Thanks!

microdot said...

no war, no war, no war!
They sure are talking trash, but the war parties hand has been severly weakened by the outcome in Lebanon.
Bolton goes on about how the world is united against Iran, but it is all empty talk. The world at this point is America, Israel and for the moment, Britain.
The biggest danger to world peace is the bellicose minority in charge in Washington. They plan and try to push forward their "projects". Luckily, every plan seems to backfire and new obstacles appear.
We can only pray that the opposition in the Pentagon keeps gaining strength and sanity will prevail....until then, I am joining you!
check out freeway blogger!

Impeach Bush in the Streets!

Micah said...

It's not an "airbase".

It's an airport with a ANG Ramp. They share the airport with commercial and general aviation traffic.

They fly two or three times a day, four days a week.

Stephanie said...


I agree that war with Iran is unnecessary and inadvisable. Good luck with those butterfly wings...we certainly need something and it's looking more like that something is a miracle.

McCaskey said...

I'm waiting for you to be attacked as a weak-in-the-belly Lib, HM, by one of those assorted 'anonymous' posters...

Hooda Thunkit said...


Two thoughts on the ANG traffic:

Maybe some of the extra traffic is Ernesto related, as aircraft are often moved when storms approach.

Or, the ANG was utilizing the rest of their fuel allotment, before Sept. got here.

As for being a peacenik, you might be, you come from academia and there has always been a less hawkish environment on campus.

But, that's alright, there is more that enough room for hawks and doves in America; that's what makes America great.

John Wills Lloyd said...

It's good to consider alternatives, even some of which may seem hackneyed or cliche: As long as you're fighting, you're not making peace. Mr. Rumsfield has had quite a career of making war, not peace. Of course, the spin would be that he's securing standing over others with his fist cocked and saying, "Come on, do it my way...or else."