Aug 16, 2006

Timeline in JonBenet Ramsey Case

JonBenet Ramsey in a 1995 recital 1990
August 6: JonBenet Ramsey is born to John and Patsy Ramsey.

December 26: JonBenet Ramsey, 6, is found strangled in the basement of her Boulder, CO home by her father. Patsy Ramsey says she found a ransom note demanding $118,000 for her daughter.

December 31: Ramsey family hires attorney, publicist and investigators.

January 1: John and Patsy Ramsey grant exclusive interview to CNN. Mrs. Ramsey tells viewers: "There is a killer on the loose."

January 22: Under advice from attorneys, Ramsey family refuses to submit to polygraph tests.

February 14: Portions of autopsy report are released, indicating JonBenet suffered severe head injuries, was strangled and may have been sexually assaulted.

February 24: Ramsey spokesman says family members know they are "at the top of the list of possible suspects."

April 18: District Attorney Alex Hunter says Ramseys are under an "umbrella of suspicion."

April 30: Ramseys interviewed by police in first formal sessions.

May 14: Two detectives, including the first to arrive at the Ramsey home, are removed from the case.

Ramseys in 1997 CNN interviewLeft: Ramseys in 1997 CNN interview

June 27: Colorado Bureau of Investigation completes analysis of the fifth handwriting sample from Mrs. Ramsey. Investigators say Ramsey did not write the note, but the results are inconclusive on his wife.

October 10: Police Chief Tom Koby admits mistakes made early in the case.

January 16: Ramseys refuse subsequent interviews unless investigators show them all the evidence.

March 12: Police insist a grand jury should be convened to ensure "a complete investigation."

June 23-25: Ramseys are questioned by police, their first interviews in more than a year. JonBenet's brother Burke, 9 at the time of her death, is interviewed for six hours.

August 12: Gov. Roy Romer refuses a second request to appoint special prosecutor. Hunter says he will give the case to a grand jury.

September 15: Grand jury begins its investigation.

October 13: Citing a lack of sufficient evidence, DA announces that no indictments will be issued.

August 31: Patsy Ramsey issues bold challenge to Boulder prosecutor: “If you think I did it, let's have a trial and get it over with.”

December 20: New District Attorney Mary Keenan takes over investigation and promises a "fresh look" into the case.

March 31: A federal judge in Atlanta concludes that the weight of the evidence is more consistent with the intruder theory than with the theory that Patsy Ramsey killed JonBenet.

April 7: Keenan issues a statement agreeing with the federal judge.

June 1: Retired detective Tom Bennett is hired by the Boulder district attorney's office to lead a new investigation.

June 4: The Ramseys' attorney says DNA found in JonBenet's underwear did not match any samples in an FBI database of convicted violent offenders.

March 26: DNA evidence conclusively ruled out JonBenet’s parents as suspects.

August 29: Former Telluride marshal Jim Kolar is named the Boulder County district attorney's lead investigator in the case.

June 24: Patsy Ramsey dies at age 49 of ovarian cancer.

August 16: District Attorney Mary Lacy announced that a suspect in JonBenet's slaying has been arrested in Thailand. Sources tell CNN that the suspect's name is John Mark Karr, a second-grade teacher.


Anonymous said...

Mike - Mary Winkler will be jealous.

Dave Lucas said...

And to think it took TEN YEARS to find the killer!

Ian said...

its got to be the parents. They must be associated with the new suspect, who probably moved to thailand like gary glitter did. 1. why did the parents refuse a polygraph if they knew that would cause suspicion. 2. how could a ransom letter so long be written with a pen from the house between 10pm and when the kid died. did the writer also have a cup of coffee while they were there ?
all that needs to be proved is that the suspect had previous connections to the parents...
If im right, i'm gonna write a book.
RIP Jonbenet
Ian-London, UK

Ian said...

Just read dave Lucas's article... so this new suspect lived in Atlanta Ga... where the ramseys lived before... am i right in saying that the parents moved to Atlanta, GA shortly after the murder ?? just checked and heres the proof:
ALSO, how come the parents didn't accept ownership for the flashlight that was found ?? if the killer went to the extent of wiping the batteries CLEAN of fingerprints...why would the killer leave the FLASHLIGHT in the house ????

RIP Jonbenet
Ian-London, UK

historymike said...

Nah - Mary Winkler will forgive me, anonymous.


erik said...

According to the wiki article, she ate pineapple hours before death. Since it was winter when she died, I don't suppose everybody imports pineapples to Colorado (possible lead XD).

Anyway, to ian, polygraphs work based on heartrate (and some other junk). When we lie, generally, our heartrates go up. Considering the pressure/anxiety/condition the parents were in (facing this entire incident), surely it would seem like they murdered their daughter when the polygraph shows their heightened cardio rates.

I don't know if this has been fielded, but why would they murder their own daughter? It just lacks motive imo. If the Ramseys staged this, the only thing they received was negative attention.

Plus, if you've read the ransom notes, it's pretty rediculous to believe that a "foreign group" would kidnap a 6-year-old as a means to exact revenge on a country (excuse me if I read the note out of context).

Finally, can anyone explain what their residence was like? It seems impossible that someone could break into a house, kidnap a girl, write a note/kill someone, and not be noticed.

Good work Mike :). This was very interesting to read. Sorry to rant on your blog XD

Anonymous said...

Why won't the guy say how he knew her and how he got into the house? I think he's making it up for the attention. Sure he's a pedophile but he seems to have had an obsession with the case so when he became a suspect he saw it as his chance to get close to the case.

Sick mofo but I don't just accept everything someone tells me; even if they are admitting to a crime.

Anonymous said...

Re: Why won't the guy say how he knew her and how he got into the house?

How do you know he hasn't? Not all of his confession has gone public yet, and it has been said that his confession contained details about the crime that have never been publically released, i.e. he appears to have passed the false-confession filter.

Anonymous said...

I have to say, I'm not believing this guy. He was obsessed with the case, like a lot of whack jobs, with the same information everyone else already knows. Now he says he drugged her, but no drugs were found in her system. The ransom note demanded the bonus amount of money that Jon Ramsey had collected that very year. Patsy Ramsey could never be cleared of having not written the note. The guy gives a press conference to confess. He's never been in Boulder. There's no linkage to the family. The family says he was with them on Christmas. I'm not going to be surprised if it turns right back around on the parents.

Anonymous said...

How do you know he hasn't? Not all of his confession has gone public yet, and it has been said that his confession contained details about the crime that have never been publically released, i.e. he appears to have passed the false-confession filter.

To me it sounds like the same info everyone else already knew. Ten years worth of info out there. The guy sounds obsessed with the story. I think he's looking for fame.

Anonymous said...

JonBenet as graphic as this is going to sound, had an erosion of the hymen, which only occurs if sexual abuse is going on for over long periods of time.

Anonymous said...

The DNA on JonBenet's underwear should prove whether Karr did it, dont ya think ?

Yasmeen said...

I was 16 when I heard of the case, now Today I turned 26. From the begging till today, I still say the parents were involved. The guy whome they caught is a total Psycho. I do not believe he did it. I do believe MONEY AND POLITICS are involved. Alot of people got paid of to shut there mouths. I am gifted by God to feel and see things at the age of 8. And The parents are the killers, no one else. I don't have to prove anything to anyone of my abilities, BUT the TRUTH will come out in furthur future. PARENTS WILL BE THE KILLERS.

Jay said...

How intelligent was Mrs Ramsey? I just read the note that was written and it is very stranger about the money the language used. It sounds like someone is trying to sound foreign but when they're not. Also, who would be sexually abusing her? Her father? And do people just think it was the mother solely or were they both involved?

Anonymous said...

I have a feeling that the current suspect is more likely to have been the person who witnessed the murder. I think its possible that it was his footprints seen outside the wine cellar window. But due to his mental state he somehow imagines that he commited the act and that it was an accident. The person who commited the murder might not have know that he was watching. That is why he knows too much about the murder but evidence proves that he did not. Either he was witnessing the act or atleast was the first person on the crime-scene.

yasmeen said...

wow...I am not surprised by the outcome of the psychopath Mr. Karr....Just like I Said IT would turn out to be (HE DIDN'T DO IT)...Don't worry Jonbenet, YOUR KILLER would be caught in this world (the WORLD will see), and outside this realm in GOD's eyes...LET the LIGHT SHINE UPON YOU and PEACE TAKE OVER YOU, AND REST IN PEACE SWEETHEART.

13 said...

I'm gutted that the DNA didn't match, though I find it interesting that an anonymous posted suggested that this suspect found in Thailand may have witnessed the crime. Just because his DNA doesn't match, doesn't mean he wasn't involved - perhaps there was more than one person. And perhaps he is obsessed and deluded.

Erik - the house was big. If I remember rightly from a documentary on many years ago, it was set out over a few floors, so someone sleeping in the master bedroom may not be able to hear things going on elsewhere in the house (especially if the killer(s) took JonBenet to the cellar - sounds could be well-hidden there).

I think it very likely that it was an attempted abduction (for sexual and/or monetary purposes) that went wrong - when the abductor(s) realised they couldn't get out or perhaps were spooked (by someone nearby or the little girl's own cries, perhaps) they killed her using things they found around the house (eg, the garotte constructed from the handle of one of the mother's paint brushes).

There is evidence that a stun-gun was used to knock her out (on the autopsy). (a) Would parents need to use a stun-gun on their own child to creep up on her and keep her quiet? (b) This could explain why no one heard anything.

There is evidence of an intruder - non-family/friend DNA (unknown caucasian male) found on JonBenet's underwear; (partial) footprint (I believe on the frame of the broken window in the room next to the cellar where her body was found and on the suitcase below this window (ie, in a position for someone to stand on to reach that window to escape)) of an intruder (the Hi-Tec trainers weren't in the house nor belonged to anyone within the household); palm-print on a cellar door that doesn't belong to any family or friends; in some places I've read about mysterious rope found in the guest bedroom next to the little girl's (ie, rope not from within the house); and the police even issued a plea for information about a particular bear (white dressed in a Father Christmas outfit, if I remember rightly) found in JonBenet's room that was not from within the house nor recognised by anyone in or connected with the family. I think there are probably other intruder-related things I'm forgetting.

Yasmeen - it's very irresponsible of you to make this kind of comment. You said this suspect who confessed to the murder is crazy, but he's not talking about having a gift from an unproven being and basing his accusations on 'a feeling' that he doesn't need to prove to anyone. When life and death, murder and justice are involved, I'm afraid you do have to prove things. If it was the parents, then please explain the evidence I have outlined above that seems to confirm the presence of an intruder.

The press and local police made a snap-decision at the start of this case to place the parents at the centre of suspicion for this terrible crime (partly to feel safer in the community, partly to make them scape-goats for the bungled investigation). It is for this reason alone that anyone still thinks the parents did it. Even Judges have said that it is most likely, based upon factual evidence, that an intruder entered the house and murdered this little girl. Stop blaming her parents and move on to find out who actually did do it.

Anonymous said...

It seems to me the most perplexing evidence in the case is the randsom note. It was written on paper belonging to the Ramseys. While it purports to be a randsom note, I find there to be two problems with this: 1) If a kidnapping plan were to be carried out by any group of people having at least one member with an average or better IQ, it would seem there would be some level of organization involved that would minimally call for a randsom note to be prepared in advance. (Anyone who has ever watched U.S. television knows that committing an abduction or any other crime requires expediency). Oh! But I am forgetting that the perpetrators were foreign! 2) What foreign faction would target a random business man in a particularly not-so-famous town in middle America with a mere $6 million in net worth? And why bother mentioning you are a "foreign faction" without saying which one!? Factions have monikers for garnering power in the minds of people. Ok - so, then if its just about the money, why offer up the information? And why is it important for the foreign faction to make clear that there is no issue with the Ramsey business? ...Just the government y'all are under... Of course the whole thing is ludicrous and only makes sense when seen as a decoy. A foist -- made by either a desperate or mentally distraught (or developmentally handicapped) person. Is it proof of anything? No. Nothing other than a strong implication of a cover-up. I make no suggestions as to a suspect. But, I feel certain the author of that randsom note was, for whatever reason, not a stranger in that house. What other plausible purpose would it serve -- say for example if the crime was committed by a whacko intruder? Would the intruder have any need to exonerate the breadwinner's business? Perplexing... isn't it?

YASMEEN said...

13----There is proof all over the case, but money and power hides the truth. The hand writing was almost a match with Patsy Ramsey. Please see and read the articles. Also the Father and 1 other person was allowed to search the house for Jonbenet, what a stupid thing to do by cops.

And you need to reread what I wrote. I was talking about the gift God has given me..not him. I am very blessed, and have FULL FAITH IN GOD, PROVEN BEING.

Karr is a sick person. Either he is paid for doing all this, or just wants ATTENTION. He claimed to kill Jonbenet. His dna does not even match!!

Anyway truth will come out. GOD will do JUSTICE.

Anonymous said...

Another thing is, is that Mr. Ramsey and his new girl friend, mother of natalie something who went missing on her senior trip and never came back, and together. I find that quite strange, how both of them lost someone, but it doesn't explain how sad, lost they both are when they are together.. it just doesn't state it at all

Anonymous said...

To answer the question someone asked about the house:

The house was 6800 square feet with four floors and fifteen bedrooms (according to a book written by Dr. Henry Lee). JonBenet and Burke's rooms were on the 2nd floor while the master bedroom was on the 3rd.

Anonymous said...

i dnt have a daughter bt i have a son and im only 21 an my gma used to watch te movie every year n im siknen by how this was unsloved its very un fair too her hermother who is dead should root in hell in her father should be ashamed for wat happened too her the gets no cottos

Dani Kekoa said...

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