Aug 6, 2006

Trying to Locate WiFi in Alexandria

(Alexandria, VA) I am visiting our nation's capital this week on a combination of academic work and relaxation.

For an area that supposedly is the center of the modern world, wireless signals are few and far between. The hotel at which I am staying has no wireless, and but one Internet terminal I must share with a dozen AIM-addicted teenagers.

Thus, I hope to find a Starbucks soon and catch up on blogging.

Addendum, 7:57 pm: While wandering around Alexandria like a strung-out heroin addict, I found a couple of weak signals. I am now sitting on King St. in downtown Alexandria fending off homeless guys selling flowers.


Bill White said...

Someone's stalking Isis.

historymike said...


You are absolutely brilliant, Bill.

Tell you what - why not put that 165 IQ of yours to work and do something with ANuSWiPe (otherwise known as the American National Socialist Worker's Party), the splinter NSM group that White thinks will be the Fourth Reich.

You are a sick SOB (and yes, this is the REAL Bill White, Blogger ID # 14321466).

Better yet, FOAD.

Hooda Thunkit said...


I Love it!

Sounds like the homeless guys might be the least irritating of the "flies" buzzing about.