Aug 12, 2006

Visiting Mount Vernon

Mount Vernon, as viewed from the Potomac
(Mount Vernon, VA) Having sone time on my hands this week during a trip to Washington, DC I took a side trip to Mount Vernon, the estate of George Washington.

One of the few completely self-sustaining historic sites in and around the federal district, Mount Vernon's $13.00 entrance fee reflects something of the true cost we might face if government subsidies were removed from public museums and other tourist destinations.

Mount Vernon is a working farm, with fruit groves, gardens, and livestock. The goal here is to recreate as closely as possible what the estate looked like when Washington was its master.

Peach tree at Mount VernonLeft: Peaches in Mount Vernon's orchard

One could spend days at the hundreds of acres at this site and not absorb everything. There is also a variety of rotating exhibitions and thematic tours, so a person could return to Mount Vernon and have a different visit each time.

However, no matter how hot it gets, a person should never sneak into one of the orchards and sink his teeth into a juicy, blood-red peach, letting the sweet nectar dribble down his chin. There are obviously not enough trees for every visitor to get his or her own piece of fruit, and you probably wouldn't like the taste of a pesticide-free peach under a hot August sun, anyways.



Kathleen Marie said...

While visiting my daughter a few years ago we ate in their very charming little restarant. Thanks for a nice memory. I absolutely love the DC area but would love to take a trip to Monticello someday.

Ltlop said...

Just a question Mike, have they finished the visitor center yet? I was there 2 yrs ago and the front area was torn up. Its interesting there because there is always some archaeological dig going on. I first saw the compost heap @4 yrs ago when they first found it, last time I was there it was rebuilt. What is really cool is that is the asme view that George Washingtin saw, the Mount Vernon Ladies Society has preserved the far bank of the Potomac as it was whenhe was alive. Hey Mike, another awesome view is from the top of the Kennedy Ctr at night, Absolutely Beautiful.

Hooda Thunkit said...

You missed a spot, right on your chin Mike ;-)