Sep 5, 2006

On Approaching Storms

Storm clouds (Toledo, OH) When a storm looms on the horizon a person can often sense what is coming. Rumbling thunder in the distance causes the ground to vibrate, and winds will shift direction prior to a storm.

There is a moment just before a storm when the air is completely still, when a falling leaf encounters no countervailing breeze.

Then winds shift again away from the center of the storm as rain and lightning become the dominant features of the environment.

Storm clouds
Winds are changing in the world, and my hunch is that powerful storms are in store for humankind. There is a current - though temporary - stillness in global politics that will likely be the calm before our metaphorical megastorm.

Perhaps pessimistic forecasters - I would be in that group - are overestimating the intensity of the gathering storm clouds.

But perhaps again the storm will be worse than expected. In that case, one might be well advised to prepare for foul weather, or even the storm of the century.


Jerry said...

Thoughtful post, and you went somewhere I didn't expect.

Kathleen Marie said...

I agree and it is a bit unnerving but we need to be awake and alert.

microdot said...

Crickey, Mike, I wish I could say something to cheer you up. With the constant republican drumbeat of fear leading up to the November election, you almost feel that something is going to happen. These clowns need something bad to maintain their grip on the throat of the nation.
Usually, people can laugh at clowns, but to quote Lon Chaney, "No one laughs at a clown at midnight."
It's almost midnight in America.
I had another cheery quote from Wihelm Riech on the relationship of fascism and mysticism, but it's way too depressing.
Meanwhile, contact your local ABC affiliate to demand that they present a balnced rebuttla to the seriously flawed Path to 9/11 miniseries. Check out truthprogress for talking points. This is out and out revisionist history disguised as fact. Better yet demand that they cancel the piece or we will cancel ABC!

Hooda Thunkit said...

I'm guessing that you are referring to November, which is traditionally as atmospherically tumultuous month, but more specifically the November elections.

My usual anxiousness for electoral change is tempered this time by the reality that not that many Americans are paying atttention, and even less will bother to vote, meaning more of the same old, same old.

Sure there will be winners and losers, but usually not much will change overall.

Hey, maybe this time it will!

Right. . .