Sep 15, 2006

On Papal Rhetoric and Muslim Anger

Muslim activists burn an effigy of Pope Benedict XVI during a protest in Srinagar, IndiaMuslim activists burn an effigy of Pope Benedict XVI during a protest in Srinagar, India, courtesy AP

As a Catholic I read with chagrin the ill-conceived and regrettable comments made Pope Benedict XVI at an address in Germany yesterday. The Pope read quotations from a book that documented a conversation between 14th century Byzantine Christian Emperor Manuel II Palaiologos and a Persian scholar on the respective truths of Christianity and Islam.

"The emperor comes to speak about the issue of jihad, holy war," the pope said. "He said, I quote, 'Show me just what Mohammed brought that was new, and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached.'"

Pope Benedict evidently believed that by merely repeating a derogatory quote about Islam that he would not be misinterpreted.

He could not have been more wrong.

Muslim leaders around the world are expressing outrage over the perceived offensive comments. Mohamed Mahdi Akef, head of the Egyptian-based Muslim Brotherhood, argued that Islamic countries should break ties with the Vatican if the Pope does not apologize.

"The Pope has aroused the anger of the whole Islamic world and strengthened the argument of those who say that the West is hostile to everything Islamic," he told reporters.

Federico Lombardi, the Vatican Press Office Manager, said that the Pope did not intend to offend Muslims.

Pope Benedict XVI
Left: Pope Benedict XVI

Lombardi added that Benedict wanted to “cultivate an attitude of respect and dialogue toward the other religions and cultures, obviously also toward Islam. It is opportune to note that that which is at the pope's heart is a clear and radical refusal of the religious motivation of violence."

Unlike Pope John Paul II, the current Pope has not demonstrated the sort of media savvy necessary to excel as a 21st-century world leader. His comments, while probably not meant in a spirit of attack, nonetheless demonstrate that His Holiness continues to struggle with public relations on the world stage.

During a May visit to Auschwitz, he seemed to minimize the role of ordinary Germans in the horrors of the Holocaust in the following comments:
"As a son of the German nation over which a band of criminals rose to power by false promises of future greatness and the recovery of the nation's honor, prominence and prosperity, but also through terror and intimidation, with the result that our people were used and abused as an instrument of their thirst for destruction and power (…) I have come here today to implore the grace of reconciliation, first of all from God, who alone can open and purify our hearts, and from the men and women who suffered here."
Certainly some of the Muslim criticisms have been a bit overblown, especially the comments of Salih Kapusuz, a deputy leader of Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's party, who said that Benedict will go "down in history in the same category as leaders such as (Adolf) Hitler and (Benito) Mussolini," and that the Pope has a "dark mentality that comes from the darkness of the Middle Ages."

Still, one would expect that a leader as authoritative and powerful as the Pope would exercise greater tact.


Mark said...

Cannot agree more. Good post.

Dariush said...

I think the anger against the Pope is largely misplaced. The Context of his words, taken within the current world situation, is important... but as I said, the anger directed at this Pope is misplaced.

Lombardi added that Benedict wanted to "cultivate an attitude of respect and dialogue toward the other religions and cultures, obviously also toward Islam. It is opportune to note that that which is at the pope's heart is a clear and radical refusal of the religious motivation of violence."

Based on everything I've read by and about this Pope, I'd say that the above is pretty much accurate.

I remember when he was first appointed reading a column by a self-appointed "expert" on "militant Islam" (quoted here approvingly by posters in a previous thread) which expressed the fervent desire that this be the Pope to lead Europe into a much-desired (by certain parties, at least) "Clash of Civilizations" against "Islam".

It was a crock then, as it is now. Here's hoping he issues an apology and acquires some of that "media savvy" which, as you rightly pointed out, he seems to be lacking.

Here's also hoping that the other side blows off steam and settles down and that no Muslim nation actually takes the foolhardy step of breaking ties with the Vatican over this.

Certainly some of the Muslim criticisms have been a bit overblown, especially the comments of Salih Kapusuz, a deputy leader of Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's party, who said that Benedict will go "down in history in the same category as leaders such as (Adolf) Hitler and (Benito) Mussolini," and that the Pope has a "dark mentality that comes from the darkness of the Middle Ages."

Yeah, I agree. Hyperbolic nonsense. Frankly, I think that Godwin's Law should become an actual law with public figures having to pay a stiff fine every time they invoke the spectre of Hitler in order to make some point, or (worse) rouse the passions of the mob on a particular target.

Just imagine pundits and politicos having to force themselves to refrain from Hitler/WWII analogies...

Metal said...

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microdot said...

It was a little bizarre to see the quote of one of the last Byzantine Emperors used by the Pope in a speech relating to the modern world.
I can understand the extreme Turkish reation in relationship to the fact that as a Cardinal who was the defacto Secretary of State of the Vatican, he very vocally opposed the entry of Turkey into the European Economic Union.
These statements at this time can only put the Catholics Church in Islamic countries in higher risk.

kooz said...

Someone has to tell the truth. Thank God the Pope had the courage to...The muslims need no reason to gather by the thousands and chant against christianity...its what they do best.

Where is their outcry when thousands around the world by muslim terrorists? The rest of the world should be demanding an apology from them.

microdot said...

Kooz, another thing the Pope has done with his irresponsible statement is that he has empowered bigots all over the world to feel justified in smearing all Moslems with the same broad brush of hate.

Anonymous said...

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microdot said...

You must check out the blog page of Third World War! A complete mish mosh of bizarro/history and totally violent race hate. I was fascinated. He must be monitoring any mention of this subject and sending his message all over the world!
The first piece advocated that Morales expell all pure blood Spaniards from Bolivia and send them to Spain so they can fight the rapid mongrelization of the Spanish population and prepare them for the great war of civilizations to come. You have to thank him for his comment because it gives a window into the depth of dangerously bizarre individuals who are actively trying to provoke chaos on this planet!

Mark said...

Yeah, I was gonna make another post here and found...weird, combative Islamic and Christian postings.

Why can't we just do away with fundamentalism?


Peahippo said...

Ooh, what a shock. One evangelical extremist ticks off other evangelical extremists. Now the Western media is postioning all this as some sort of attack on Christianity ... whereas the truth of the matter is that Christianity like Islam has NO proper function in the modern world, where we clearly have NO EVIDENCE of divine beings of any kind.

I say we empty out Australia and ship all evangelical extremists there, where they can kill each other to their twisted little content. The rest of the rational world (read: SECULARS governed by SCIENCE and RATIONALITY) can get on with living the only lives we'll ever get.

(And yes, as if you couldn't tell, all this religious-based bullshit in the media is more than tiring to me now. Anyone who really believes that a large bearded Jew sits in the sky saying "oy vey" and listens to prayers is simply going to have to produce proof of this silly entity or else shut the fuck up. I'm now too tired of this nonsense; it's like dealing with children dressed up as grown adults. Religion is a mental illness. Yes, if you believe in any god, you're mentally ill, since you believe in something that not only has no evidence for its existence, but should be producing existence-evidence in asteroid-bucket sizes.

It's time to expose it and then issue the appropriate medication to those affected ... either that, or they'll be moved to Jesusland (one of the sectors of Australia that I mentioned before).)

Now it's time for all the holy rollers to act all appalled and get so fucking angry at me for telling the truth. Tough ... and grow up. It doesn't matter what some pope or imam says since both are equally mentally ill. For a change, start caring about things that actually matter, like feeding your kids good food instead of corporate-farm-produced chemfood.

Dariush said...


That "Kalki Gaur" guy is actually Hindu, not Christian.

Great column today by Justin Raimondo, "In Defense of Pope Benedict".

Western secularists have long hated the Pope and the Catholic Church, so peahippo's comments above don't come as a surprise.

At the very least, he's brutally honest about his sentiments, no matter how much I personally (and probably others) find them offensive.

wjohnson said...

I am enjoying the stimulating debate that this subject has spawned. Tough subjects beget tough comments which are a good thing. From religious leaders of fundamentalist Islam and Christian, political leaders of the Middle East and our own Bush administration, I see all having no other desire but to eventually indulge in an all out war.

There was an exposé on 60 minutes last night dealing with a Fundamentalist Christian group in North Dakota holding “Jesus Camp.” It showed them teaching (indoctrinating) young children much like we are shown as the bad example from the Fundamentalist Islam schools. They were even praying to a large photo of Pres. Bush. Scary stuff. Other Fundamentalist Christian groups started the old, “Liberal Media Bias” song of “Editing them in a bad light,” but the group that was on tape said it was, “spot on and the message they wanted to send out.” This negated the argument of the like minded Fundamentalist whom tried to provide damage control knowing it did not play well under the light of scrutiny.

I just see people from both sides talking at each other instead of with each other. Spout out your rhetoric, shut off listening to the response waiting for the blah, blah noise to stop so you can spout out more rhetoric.

My last addition to this is a quote from Marie Arouet de Voltaire:
“I detest what you say, but I would give my life to make it possible for you to continue to say it.”

A wise statement that many need to adhere to before it’s too late.

wjohnson said...

I just had another thought and it maybe a good story for you to elaborate on.

The Turkish Prime Minister cannot take any high moral standard if you look into the historical aspect of the Armenian Death March done by the Turkish Empire during the turn of the century. Hitler used this example to justify his own extermination of the Jewish population. To compare the Pope’s comments to Hitler; maybe they should start by admitting their own history?

I have a good friend who is Armenian. His mother as a small child of five years old saw her father and uncles taken from their village never to be seen again. Her mother was passed around the Turkish army camp like a bottle of whiskey in a labor camp. Her little sister died with her head in her lap from starvation. They marched the Armenians from what are now Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, in the name of trying to rebuild the Turkish Empire. The march spread out the dead instead of mass graves. The Christian ethnic cleansing from an Islam nation.

Still it was man killing man in the name of God.

kooz said...


Show me where Christians are killing in the name of God. It time to get out of your fantasy world where everyone gets along and deal with real life.

bernie said...

I suppose it makes idiots feel comfortable to say things like we have no right to condemn Nazis, after all Christians killed Jews 500 years ago.

Christians have become civilized in the past 1400 years, Muslims have not. This has nothing to do with racism, but mathematics. If you make a rule that says make 4 rights you will end up where you started - it has nothing to do with race or culture. Likewise, you follow the rules laid down by Mohammed and you will either convert, kill, or dhimmify the world; there is no other mathematical outcome. It has nothing to do with race, Arabs are semitic just as are Jews, yet I have no problem wanting Islam wiped off the Earth.

And please, no handwringing about tolerance of others' religion, Islam is no more a religion than butchering meats is a religion.

Dariush said...

"It has nothing to do with race, Arabs are semitic just as are Jews, yet I have no problem wanting Islam wiped off the Earth."

(sniff, sniff) peeuuw... what the hell is that smell? Corned beef?

Hooda Thunkit said...


Benny (The Enforcer) XVI may not have the social acumen, as shown by quoting a 14th century Byzantine Christian Emperor, especially today, to a group of hyper-sensitive Muslim extremists, just itching to be offended, but puhleeze, if the comments were truly offensive, they should have still been fuming about them since they were first made. However, they chose to conveniently forget about old “offenses” until they were reminded of them by.., Benny.

That said, it seems to me that extremists are particularly selective with their delayed (or conveniently suspended) outrage.

Still, Benny could use a booster-shot of uncommon sense. And, he should probably get out a little more.


Anonymous said...

sniff, sniff) peeuuw... what the hell is that smell? Corned beef?

Nope, it's the camel you rode in on.