Sep 23, 2006

Passing Time in Bowling Green

BGSU marching band warming up the spectators before today's gameLeft: BGSU marching band warming up the spectators before today's game

(Bowling Green, OH) I have lived in Northwest Ohio for about 17 years, and I must admit that I have never traveled to BG to see a football game. We attended the game today at Doyt L. Perry Stadium, and a good time was had by all.

All, that is, with the exception of the BGSU football team, which was trounced by a surprisingly strong Kent State squad 38-3. The Golden Flashes kept relentless pressure on BGSU quarterbacks Freddie Barnes and Tyler Sheehan.

Eastern grey squirrel with nut
My presence near its favorite tree only momentarily interrupted this busy squirrel's efforts to prepare for winter. Being one of many thousands of football fans must have made me seem unthreatening, and the rodent paid me little attention.

The rain held off for most of the afternoon, with only a few fleeting sprinkles dampening an otherwise splendid day to hang out in Bowling Green and watch a football game, eat popcorn, and spend time with the family.


Suss & The Family Stone said...

Aaand just look at all the fans!

McCaskey said...

LOL, my thoughts as well.

Name withheld to protect the guilty said...


(Sorry, my undergraduate alma mater...although this year's KSU homecoming game is against UT, where I'm going now...who do you root for in that case?)