Sep 2, 2006

Remnants of Ernesto

Left: Radar image courtesy of

(Toledo, OH) We don't often get hurricanes in Toledo, or even pieces of storms that were once hurricanes. My children have expressed excitement that Toledo would be "hit" by the storm once known as Hurricane Ernesto.

The first signs that a change in weather was afoot occurred yesterday, as cool gusts began to blow from the southeast and east. It is the rare storm that hits the western Lake Erie region from these directions, and many who have lived here can remember cyclonic blizzards that roared at times from the lake.

For me it was a bit confusing to watch clouds rolling from the east into the sunset last night as I attended the thumping that St. Francis received at the hands of Birmingham Brother Rice. I am someone who subconsciously uses the heavens to orient himself, and I felt as though the world were inverted.

I do thank Ernesto for the refreshingly cool weather the storm has brought us, as I am a fan of the sixty-degree days and chilly nights. To me there is no substitute for a brisk breeze passing through the house as I get ready to fall asleep.


Hooda Thunkit said...

Ernesto is just the latest visitor to our pool this season.

With the weather the last week or so, even the solar collector isn't that much help.

Time to close things up and call it a season.

And, yeah mike, those clouds moving in the "wrong" direction ARE disorienting :-)

McCaskey said...

That sky Friday evening was breathtaking in its colors and cloud patterns.

Kathleen Marie said...

Fabulous photos! What fabulous fun a disoriented storm! Stay dry!

-Sepp said...

Sorry I didn't take some pics of the river down at the park. The water was 4 feet above normal and was washing over the bottom tier of the walbridge park steppes.