Sep 27, 2006

Report: Terrell Owens Attempted Suicide

Terrell Owens with Cowboys owner Jerry JonesLeft: Terrell Owens with Cowboys owner Jerry Jones

(Dallas, TX) Early reports indicated that Terrell Owens, wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys, was hospitalized Tuesday night after what was called an "allergic reaction" to pain medication prescribed for for his broken right hand.

Station KDFW/Channel 4 in Dallas, however, obtained a police report that said Owens attempted suicide. The report indicated that Owens was depressed and took prescription pain pills.

A copy of the report is available at this WFAA link.

A female companion apparently observed Owens - known popularly by the initials "TO" - putting two pills in his mouth. The police report notes that the woman said the prescription of 40 pills was filled on September 18 and that only five pills had been taken prior to the incident.

Owens was asked by officers if he had taken the rest of the prescription; Owens reportedly said: "Yes." According to the report, police also asked if he was trying to harm himself, to which Owens replied : "Yes."

Owens was treated at Baylor University Medical Center. A news conference is scheduled for later this afternoon.



McCaskey said...

Not to make light of this (if it's indeed true and I have my doubts)....but is he on your ROTO team, HM???

Mark said...


Anonymous said...

Now Owens is on FOX and saying that it wasn't suicide. What a weirdo!