Sep 19, 2006

Sweet Basil, Cool Afternoon

Sweet basil (Toledo, OH) One of the many benefits to planting a garden is the ability to graze on the food growing in one's own parcel of nature.

Today I sampled some cherry tomatoes while munching a few sweet basil leaves, creating sort of a fresh pomodoro sauce as I wandered around my backyard. I followed up with a fresh green pepper that I ate straight from the plant - damn the microbes.

Of course, considering that I consumed many unhealthy foods yesterday, I am hardly making headway on either: a) losing weight; or b) lowering my cholesterol.

But for the moment I am sure my body appreciated the infusion of fresh-grown produce.


Name withheld to protect the guilty said...

Mmm...I can no longer eat store-bought peaches, having owned some peach trees myself. That fresh stuff is just so good.

Maggie Thurber said...

our basil is the best it's been all summer...too bad the tomatoes are either green or rotten - nowhere in between - despite being so numerous...

oh well, there's always next year!

Hooda Thunkit said...

Just don't stop, drop and fertilize, "Salinas style," I hear that promotes mucho bad bugs ;-)

Our tomatoes are in a kind of suspend state lately, a welcome lull. Although, there are gobs of tomatoes massing for a final burst.

Alas, only the broccoli remains besides out two tomato plants, everything else has already been harvested.

I'm already missing the cukes and the zucchini, something I would have never admitted a month ago ;-)