Sep 13, 2006

Vandals Tag Empty Theater

Movie theater marquee with graffiti Left: View of marquee from southbound Secor Road

(Toledo, OH) Graffiti is not unusual in this Rust Belt city, not is its presence on commercial streets particularly noteworthy.

I did find, however, that the graffiti on the marquee of the former Showcase Cinemas on Secor Road - some twenty feet in the air - to be a bit unique, as well as the fact that the graffiti taggers managed to deface both sides of the sign.

I refuse to call them "artists," since the vandals only used lettering. Feel free to sue me for being insensitive to the plight of graffiteers.

Movie theater marquee with graffitiLeft: Marquee as viewed by northbound traffic

The act of vandalizing these signs took a fair amount of daring, as Secor Road is one of the city's busiest surface streets. Even at night there is a steady stream of traffic in the area.

While the taggers used that annoying faux gangsta script, making legibility an issue to the non-initiated, the messages do not appear to contain any overt gang references.

Then again, what do I know? I have never been a gang member, and the last seminar I attended on local gangs was several years ago. Perhaps there are new groups whose nomenclature I do not recognize.

"SAYL" is probably the acronym for "sorry about your luck," but beyond that I am open to the interpretations of readers on these messages. I have also posted these photos to give a certain results-oriented mayor a friendly reminder about the high-profile nature of this particular eyesore, a short hike from the soon-to-be-christened Costco.


Brian1984 said...

We hope to get it cleaned up before tomorrow's game. The Director of the Department of Neighborhoods is aware of it, but yesterday's weather was not cooperative.

Brian Schwartz

Timothy said...

Amateurs! They didn't even indicate what times "SAYL" is playing...

Honestly, though. I think the neglected lawncare of the old KrispyKreme is a bigger eyesore than this stunt. Is their grass still waist high?

Anonymous said...

I see that this has already been "cleaned up." I think an investigation should be launched to find the people that did this. They should be made to pay for all the "clean-up" and put under house arrest for 60 days to make sure they don't pull a stunt like this again.

Peahippo said...

You wouldn't have these problems if it were not for your society's propensity to create huge tracts of abandoned and semi-abandoned property, largely in the pursuit of a few more percentage points of profit. Don't like graffiti? Keep the business open, chumps. Vandals find it difficult to "tag" property in use. Property in use tends to have caretakers. Are you capitalist dorks catching on yet?

No, probably not, so it's time to tax yourselves even more heavily to make up for your highly unregulated capitalist owners escaping their civil duties. It SHOULD BE as easy as getting your so-called government representatives to summarily seize property in the abandoned state and hand it out to those who have the balls to use it. But -- ooh! -- that sounds too much like that demon SOCIALISM, so you apparently much prefer acres of abandoned property which so attracts the criminal element.

Enjoy your depleted city's new look, chumps. You wanted it this way.

Hooda Thunkit said...


Is it art, if somebody else owns the canvas?

About that legibility thing:

If the perp’s intent is to advertise, this faux “gangsta” script is just about the worst, from a readability viewpoint, so most of these “pseudo rocket scientist’s” messages go un-decoded, so what’s the point?

It seems to me to be akin to running 98 yards, and then fumbling the ball.

These “artistic” efforts do however show some talent, besides criminal trespass and defacing other’s property, I mean.

(Probably a relative of Ferner…)

Anonymous said...

SAYL isnt an acronym, and it doesnt have anything to do with gangs, and many other graffiti writers have 'tagged' secor many atime so why focus on one person?, and no being property in use doesnt make it harder to paint, people in america paint on subways on a regular basis......I thought they were supposed to have high security? Graffiti writers spend approximatley 15-30minutes at a time painting subways....think your really that safe?