Oct 3, 2006

Blue Jay Way

Blue jay, or Cyanocitta cristata (Toledo, OH) The agitated screech that accompanies the presence of a blue jay belies the beauty of the bird's sapphire plumage. This representative of the genus Cyanocitta cristata muscled his way into the area around my bird feeders today and attempted to chase away other visitors.

The image is a bit blurry, as the bird refused to cooperate with me and maintained a rather hyperactive pace in the warm fall sun.

When a group of grackels finally asserted themselves, the blue jay and a compatriot perched themselves in a nearby oak tree and squawked for several minutes before flying away.

1 comment:

Hooda Thunkit said...

Hmmm, birds with bad attitudes.

Kind of reminds me of the TPS's Bd. of Ed.

Muscling in, stepping back and making a ruckus, and sassing from on high.

Yep, that shore sounds like the Bd. of Ed. to me ;-)