Oct 19, 2006

Book Review: Mixtionary


John Nee, Scott Lobdell, and Mia Christou

San Diego: IDW Publishing, 102 pages

I currently have over 50 books checked out of libraries, as I am up to my bicuspids in research. Some of these academic texts are so dense that my head begins to hurt after 30 pages or so.

It was in this context that I glanced at Mixtionary, described by its authors as a "guide to communicating efficiently in the modern world, in which new-fangled ideas and phenomena leave us at a loss for words." The term - no surprise - is derived from a combination of "mixed up" and "dictionary."

I have learned that it is important to take breaks when in the middle of large projects, and Mixtionary serves this purpose well.

Readers will come across newly-coined terms such as nevervoyant, defined as "devoid of any sense of an impending situation." Accompanying each definition are light-hearted illustrations, and the table of contents is categorized in topical fashion.

The authors seemed to strive for witty material that is not bogged down with an ideological bent, and they stay well within the bounds of good taste, unlike, say, the depraved lunatics at National Nitwit.

I recommend this friendly little book, which would make an excellent stocking stuffer, and it is available at retail stores, online booksellers, or the Mixtionary website. It's the perfect antidote to stress-induced headaches.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fun book!

Name withheld to protect the guilty said...

It sounds a lot like "Sniglets," if you remember that early-90's book.

Stephanie said...

I might need that before I'm through -- though I doubt I'll be checking out many books for my big project, though you never know. The book publishing world hasn't seemed to discover my subject yet, though. Which is a total first for me. Being interested in something that doesn't have a book written about it! Now, that's a novel concept.