Oct 10, 2006

Ducking Around

A. platyrhynchos - a flock of mallard ducks (Toledo, OH) The stream that flows through Foxglove Meadow park in West Toledo has become the summer home for a flock of ducks. These particular ducks are of the mallard variety (A. platyrhynchos) and, while quite common in the United States, are nevertheless enjoyable to watch.

This particular flock began the season as two nesting pairs, and I have seen as many as 15 ducks congregating at any one time. I observed quite a bit of aggressive behavior among the two males earlier in the year, but the flock seems to be getting along better in the fall.

A. platyrhynchos - a pair mallard ducks This pair seemed content to stand beside each other as the other ducks chased after some bird seed I brought along.

Perhaps they had already eaten, or perhaps they were watching the festivities with the same sort of bemusement as I.

It was a pleasant afternoon to be wandering along the stream banks and passing time with water fowl. Soon the flock will head in a southerly direction for unknown parts; I hope that they return to my neighborhood next year.


Anonymous said...

Ducks make the best short-term pet, they will follow you for about two months and then they go their own way. The last two I had were Disco and Daffy, both ended up being females.

Kathleen Marie said...

They are super cute creatures. My aunt had two as pets for years...I don't know why they stuck around as long as they did. Maybe because there was a river in her backyard...but they often prefered the pool she had.

Do said...

The ducks are adorable! We have had many, many geese flying over in the past couple weeks. Lots of them flying at night! That's unusual, but maybe they have their own air traffic control. :)