Oct 12, 2006

First Fall Snowflakes in Toledo

(Toledo, OH) While taking a walk with the dog in the brisk wind that is currently gusting at over 30 MPH, I saw the first snowflakes of the season just after noon.

I had to stop and glance at the windshield of a parked car to be certain, thinking I might have mistaken a leaf or a small piece of wind-blown debris for a snowflake. The presence of multiple white specks confirmed my suspicion.

I watched the first frozen flecks melt into water droplets on the glass, knowing that winter is not far away.

Later in the day there appeared a number of snow squalls that added a precipitatorial punctuation mark to the arrival of the cold weather.

Temperatures are expected to fall to 30 degrees tonight. I'd better pick the last of my peppers and tomatoes, lest they freeze in the winds that follow in the wake of the cold front that is roaring through the Midwest.


Anonymous said...

Nice pic. I saw the snow about 4:00 on my way home from work and couldn't believe it.


Mark said...

October is too early for snow, period.


wjohnson said...

That Lake Erie snow effect can be vicious. I use to be a Regional Sales Manager for a company that dealt with surge protection for equipment. Ohio was just one of the territories that I managed. There are a lot of telecom and data com equipment infrastructure companies located in the Ohio territory.

One of my favorite cities in this country is Cleveland also right on the Lake. I live on the Delmarva Peninsula between the Chesapeake Bay and the Ocean. The temperatures are in the low 70’s and we are expecting a cold snap dropping to the mid-60’s this weekend.

My Bad?!?!

microdot said...

Brrr...what's worse, Toledo winters or Toledo summers? You have to deal with the humidity in both seasons.
Too damn early for snow anywhere, period! Though it did snow in the Reunion Islands last week, a rare thing in any case!

American Crusader said...

It's too early for snow dammit!

Maggie Thurber said...

I, too, have a photo of the snow on my blog, but it's contrasted by the roses that I cut the day before...

But I don't think this was Lake effect snow in Toledo because it was coming from the southwest and not across the water...but then, I'm not a meteorologist...

Hooda Thunkit said...

Mrs. Thunkit picked ~ 60 tomatoes and has them spread out on newspaper in front of the patio dor, ripening up very nicely.

However, she left HUNDREDS of Cherry Tomatoes on the other plant.

We ate taco salad last night, made with what were green tomatoes, when picked.