Oct 18, 2006

Intriguing Site on the History of Homes

Left: The Old Stone House in the Georgetown area of Washington, DC; photo by historymike

One of the most rewarding parts of establishing a website is the interaction in which you partake with people across the globe.

One such person is Bill Jackson, who clued me into a new site he has created called The Story of My Home, in which visitors are encouraged to post a "recollection of the home and its inhabitants."

So far homes in 31 communities have been profiled, and Bill's goal is "to have every home in the US and Canada listed on this site."

Bill is very much an advocate of microhistory, and argues that "the details of our everyday lives and the cumulative history of millions of families are vitally important to maintaining the cultural heritage of our society."

The anecdotes attached to the basic home information have been the most rewarding for me to read, such as this narrative from the former occupant of a home in Pasco, WA.

Happy reading and reminiscing!

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