Oct 14, 2006

New Dog in the 'Hood

(Toledo, OH) We have another addition to the family - a dog of mixed ancestry whose name is Candy. This 4-year-old dog appears to have elements of Westie, cockapoo, or Chinese crested in her.

Like our other dog Jimmy, we adopted Candy from a shelter. This time we used Planned Pethood, a non-profit, Northwest Ohio based organization that fosters dogs until it can arrange adoptions.

Candy had much of the fur shaved off her back end due to some skin problems caused by fleas and neglect, but she received excellent care in her foster home. Her curly white hair is growing back in, and she seems to be doing well. She is very affectionate and wants to play with Jimmy, but he seems to want more alone time than she is willing to give him.

Left: A pair of dogs chase each other through the leaves in my backyard

Candy also has been exhibiting some mounting behavior since we got home, which seems to annoy Jimmy. We are making sure that Jimmy gets some extra attention so that he does not feel slighted during the adjustment to a two-dog house.

We were quite pleased with the efforts extended by Planned Pethood, and we recommend the service to anyone seeking a canine companion. The organization brought several dozen dogs to PetSmart in Rossford today, and I would have gladly taken home six or eight more dogs if I had the room in my home and a large enough bank account.


Do said...

Congratulations Mike! What a cutie!

Looks like Jimmy is being pretty patient with her. They will be fine once they settle in and define a 'pecking order' so that each ones' role is understood.

I wish I could take on another dog, but hubby says NO. We have one dog, one cat, and a HUGE aquarium. I'm not sure I'd know how to live in a house that didn't have animals.

Congrats again! Candy is a lucky pup!

Mrs. Phoenix said...

"mounting behavior"??

McCaskey said...

I'm sure your new family member will enjoy her happy home. Congrats to her and you.

Hooda Thunkit said...

Somebody's a sucker for a cute face and a wagging tail ;-)