Oct 27, 2006

New Site Examines Political Ads in Northwest Ohio

Left: Ad from the DeWine campaign attacking opponent Sherrod Brown

(Toledo, OH) Joel at Politics @ 30 Frames per Second has created a site dedicated to presenting all of the political ads being run on television stations in Northwest Ohio during this election.

His goal is to gather all of the ads at one site so that people can compare and contrast the information being presented.

As someone who watches less and less television, my opinion might not be representative of the general public, but it seems to me that this has been one of the most vicious years for political mudslinging that I can recall.

Or maybe I am just growing weary of political ads that merely attack the opponent.

At any rate, political junkies and voters looking for particular ads will find Joel's site useful.


Name withheld to protect the guilty said...

I find the attack ads are often more substantive than the "feel-good" ads, since they have to have their facts backed up--and frankly, what a politician says in a "feel-good" ad is far less informative to me than what his/her record has been in the past.

The only bad thing is how long a typical bill in Congress is: you could conceivably vote against a huge tax increase (or something), and then discover that tucked into the same bill was $100,000 to fight child porn, and suddenly you can be cast as being for pedophilia.

Speaking of which, does Betty Montgomery have anything to run on besides casting her opponent as a defender of child molesters? That's all I've ever seen of her ads, and it's definitely backfired when it comes to my vote.

undercover black man said...

Wait a minute... there's a white guy named "Sherrod Brown"??

Seriously, Mike, I agree with you, more and more as each day passes, that this is a depressingly relentless mud-slinging election cycle. The echo chamber created by blogs, right-wing talk radio and cable news seems to bring forth more mud.

It's gotten to the point where Rush Limbaugh, this morning, can deliver this commercial-break tease out: "Did you know that Harold Ford actually dated a white woman?" Comes back from commercial, talks about some chick who wrote about relationship with Ford months ago in a magazine, and Rush says: Why all the fuss about a campaign ad in which a blonde bimbo advertizes her sexual availability to Harold Ford, when he has actually dated a white woman?

As if Rush were blind to that ad's intent, and ignorant of the sociopolitical history of the American South. (A few generations ago, such an implication could justify a lynching.)

You're seeing it up close in the Ohio governor's race, in which a loudmouth Cincinnati radio host named Cunningham can go on Fox's "Hannity and Colmes," accuse the Democratic canditate of taking a European trip with a "boy toy," and then the major papers in Ohio feel compelled to address the "rumors" in print.

In Virginia, James Webb is getting smeared because of a handful of fictional sex acts described in his novels. The trajectory of this mud bomb went straight from the George Allen campaign to the Drudge Report to, this afternoon, Hannity's radio show, where guest host Mark Simone acted like he'd never read such disgusting filth in his life, and some foamy-mouthed guest said it qualified as "NAMBLA porn."

Whereas it was obvious to me, reading the Allen campaign's original mud bomb via Drudge, that the particularly scandalous "Thailand" passage -- even when wrenched from its narrative context -- isn't intended by the author to inspire lust, but represents the kind of bizarre sight a soldier will see in far-off lands. Another of the passages hurled into the infosphere by the Republicans -- concerning a female Thai sex worker and a banana -- won't shock anyone who's seen Spalding Gray's "Swimming to Cambodia." Or those HBO sex documentaries.

What does any of it have to do with Mr. Webb's fitness to serve in the U.S. Senate? Nothing.

But what do the Democrats do? The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committe digs up dubiously kinky references in the novels of Lynne Cheney, Scooter Libby, and whoever else... then THAT winds up on the Huffington Post... and then into the mouth of Wolf Blitzer, while he's interviewing Mrs. Cheney on CNN. When she smacks him down, then THAT becomes a triumphant sound bite on right-wing talk radio. And here we all are, up to our chests in sludge, wasting more and more time on irrelevant garbage as Election Day draws nearer.

Hooda Thunkit said...

I too, wish that candidates told us more about their positions and goals rather than waste their ads trashing their opponents.

Can it get any worse?