Oct 19, 2006

A Plug for Animal Adoption

(Toledo, OH) Pictured are the two loveable mutts we have adopted in the past six months. Jimmy is the brown-and-white Sheltie mix we brought home in May from the Toledo Humane Society, and Candy is a poodle mix who came to live with us last weekend.

Both dogs have excellent dispositions, and they have quickly bonded with each other. While Jimmy still gets a little jealous of any affection showered on Candy, they have become inseparable.

Candy had been listed for euthanization because of her chronic illnesses, which included severe dermatitis, hair loss, and flea infestation. The Toledo Humane Society was skeptical about her chances for adoption, given her serious medical needs. A kind foster owner, however, nursed her back to health, and she is flea-free, with healthy skin and hair that is growing thicker every day.

One of the many benefits of adopting a pet is that you get a ready-made companion. Both of these dogs had all of their shots, were housebroken, and each was was spayed/neutered prior to adoption.

At any rate, please consider adoption the next time you think about becoming a pet owner. Both of our dogs have been wonderful additions to the family, and we feel lucky that we wandered across a web page for pet adoptions. For more information, see The Toledo Area Humane Society, Planned Pethood, or Petfinder.com.


Calico Jack said...

Congratulations on your new dogs! They look to be first rate. The foster home certainly seems to have done a nice job on the white dog.

All of my dogs were strays or rescue dogs before they showed up to live with me. My latest dog is a county road terrier, but sadly he has no papers.

Newsguy said...

I have wondered for a long time why pet shops sell dogs, and why people buy dogs at pet shops. I really believe pet shops should be outlawed. Why do they sell dogs when there are thousands of doggie pets waiting to be adopted at shelters? It makes no sense, and many many of those diggies face execution because there just aren't enough people to adopt them.

I have similar thoughts about people who reproduce, although I admit I have a biological daughter. But these days there is no need to reproduce. In fact I also have a son, adopted from Peru. These days when I see people wheeling a baby carriage, I think, "there go some breeders." Why have babies when there are so many babies out there who need homes?

Call me nuts. But I think it makes sense.

Stephanie said...

If we ever get to the point where we can have a pet, very much reliant on whether my children can be nice to one -- without consuming feces -- we will definitely adopt. There's a very nice humane shelter in Janesville, and they have some terrific animals there. And the shots things is very important.

Lisa Renee said...

I'm glad you adopted Candy, she could not have ended up with a nicer more caring family.


Hooda Thunkit said...

We adopt our cats through Save-a-pet. However, our very first cat adopted us ;-)

CK-Brown03 said...

The main problem is that people don't know where their local animal shelters are. I'm from Toledo but live in NYC, and I volunteer at a shelter here. Recently I've increased frequency/size of adoption events and publicity through PR and online sites, i.e. created a Facebook group (not ideal but easy to maintain). We've seen a jump in adoptions during our events, thanks to these efforts (not just me- several great volunteers pitched in).
Anything you can do to educate people on not just adopting but WHERE they can adopt is vital in increasing adoptions and putting pet shops (and I dare say BREEDERS but that's a long shot) out of business!

On a personal note, my first cat adopted me & my family. She came from the railroad tracks where she and other cats were dumped. Sad that they were just left out there but the story has a happy ending, of course.

Last note- I have volunteered at Paws and Whiskers (Toledo). If you're looking to adopt a cat, these people are nice and can pair you up with a perfect feline companion.

CK-Brown03 said...

Also, great website for pet lovers: