Oct 29, 2006

Pumpkin Picking in Northwest Ohio

Pumpkins in the fieldLeft: Ripe pumpkins in the October sun

(Toledo, OH) We completed an annual family ritual today, driving out to our favorite pumpkin patch on Albon Road and the turnpike.

Given the fact that Halloween is almost upon us, the proprietor of the farm had dropped his prices to $1 for every pumpkin we picked.

Adding some acorn squash and cider, we loaded up the truck with produce for just a few dollars today.

Sign warning visitors not to smash pumpkinsLeft: Some previous visitors might have been overly agressive with the pumpkins

My 16-year-old genius of a son could not resist defying authority and heaving a rotten pumpkin at one of his siblings, much to my chagrin.

The trip was also noteworthy for my first experience getting hopelessly stuck in the mud, as our Suburban became one with the field muck. It was quite an experience rocking the SUV out of the muddy soup, but we ultimately triumphed.

My children were entertained with several unique forays into vulgarity that I let fly, especially when I got stuck a second time after finally freeing the vehicle. All told, though, we added yet another page to family lore, and the kids have new vocabulary to share with their friends at school tomorrow.


Micah said...

We got stuck there too. Next year, I'm borrowing a 4 wheel drive.

-Sepp said...

A buck each plus $25 for the farmer to tow you out! Sounds like a good time HM! All I can think about lately is lightly salted pumpkin seeds fresh from the oven.

Stephanie said...


One thing I can appreciate about several years of kindergarten in a row is the pumpkin patch trip that is repeated every year. We haven't actually had to buy a pumpkin for the last four years, because the boys get them for free. Though, this is the first year we actually carved them, instead of painting or coloring them.


I just had those for the first time. They were certainly an interesting treat. Kind of like sunflower seeds, with the shells, but a little softer of a shell. They were also kind of buttery, but that just might be something my Mom did to them.

-Sepp said...

Stephanie, just don't buy em from the store. Each seed is covered with about 1mm thick coating of salt and taste like crap! Do em yourself always!
Wash em in salt water, lay em out on a baking sheet, and cook em in the oven until they look a bit tanish.
Guten apetite!

microdot said...

I love Halloween and I have had a very "special" relationship with pumpkins in the last few years, I posted a few pictures on my blog if you are interested. We eat a lot of pumpkins during the winter and related vegetables, turbans and potimarrons...
Soup, gateaux, cous cous, tarts and tonight, a sort of gratin of potimarron and sausage meat with cheese!

Stephanie said...


That's what my Mom did (possibly with butter?) and they were yummy. I've had pumpkin seeds from the store before, which is why I thought she was wasting her time and had never tried it myself. They were significantly different, though.

Kathleen Marie said...

There are no pumpkin patches up here. At least I haven't found any and I have searched. I find that very depressing.

There are also no apple orchards. Every year I would take my kids and my sister would grab her kids and off we would go. The orchard had apple honey, cider, etc. and we would buy apples to can for pies, sauce, apple butter... very Susie Homemakerish kind of stuff.

I enjoyed your pictures and it made me feel rather sentimental.

Hooda Thunkit said...


Although the kids are gone, we still carve, light and put out a couple for Halloween and then chuck them in the garden to be recycled.

Our neighbor takes the seeds and feeds them to her squirrels at work.