Oct 7, 2006

Toledo Dog Trying to Find Its Way Home

(Toledo, OH) Lisa Renee at Glass City Jungle has in her possession a small black dog that is lost.

The dog is older and has both vision and hearing problems.

If you know of someone who has lost such a pet, click on the link above for Lisa's contact information.


Mrs. Phoenix said...

Suddenly I have a strong urge to pet this poor pup and wrap it in a fleece blanket :(

Lisa Renee said...

Thanks Mike (((HUGS))) He's actually a dark gray and he is sleeping very soundly right now. The past few days have been very hard on him but I did get him to eat and to drink some water. He is an amazingly loving and good dog. He must have been crate trained because he seems comfortable in the borrowed crate that I thought he'd feel safer in with our younger dog. As I was sitting there and petting him before he fell asleep he started licking my hand as I rubbed his chest. I'm hoping that someone is looking for him but I have a feeling some irresponsible person just dumped him.

Lisa Renee said...

Mike - we found the owner today so thankfully everything ended up just fine.


Hooda Thunkit said...

Happy ending!

Sniff ;-)