Nov 7, 2006

2006 Election Predictions

(Toledo, OH) Even though I am cynical that there is much difference between the GOP and the Democrats this electoral cycle, I still admit to an unhealthy obsession with following the outcome. With that being said, here are my 2006 predictions:

US Senate:
Democrats to pick up 5 seats, final tally (before any party-switching): GOP 50, Democrats 50. VP Dick Cheney will play an important role as tie-breaker on numerous votes in the next two years. George Allen survives in Virginia, despite perhaps the worst-run campaign in recent memory.

US House: Democrats to pick up 18 seats, gain control of House.

As I see it, we will be in for two years of absolutely nothing substantial being accomplished by Congress.

How do you forecast today's elections?


Anonymous said...

Dems: + 25 House seats, +7 Senate seats, majority in both chambers, but not enough for veto override. King George W. still calls the shots. :-}


Anonymous said...

No frigging way, dude. The GOP and Diebold cabal have this bee-atch rigged; Dems to fall"just short" in both houses.

microdot said...

Dems will take the house, by how much?
But I think that there has been too much evidence of election day high jinks already...there are going to be a number of races that are contested.
Bottom line, gridlock, which under the circumstances isn't a bad thing, but still an out of control executive branch willing to press its claims of extraordinary powers under war.......
I'm staying up late tonight...8 pm for you is 2 am for me!

Mark said...

Actually, I liked Mike's call. We'll see.

Stephanie said...

You know, nothing substantial might just be the "relief" we need at this point.

Dariush said...

I see it as pretty much the same, except I think there's a good chance that Republicans will retain control of the Senate... just barely.

-Sepp said...

I think the Dems will make a sweep this time around.

Dariush, glad to see you're still around! It's been awhile!

Newsguy said...


Aren't all you guys glad you were so wrong! I would have given the Dems 16 or 17 seats and no Senate. I am so glad I was wrong, too.

Hooda Thunkit said...

"How do you forecast today's elections?"

Pretty much like everyone else Mike, very badly.

But I did vote and I did a lot of studying before I did. Regardless of the outcome, I was satisfied with all of my choices as there made with knowledge.

Otherwise.., pfffttttt!