Nov 18, 2006

Game Day Blogging - Michigan vs. Ohio State

12:44 First Quarter
Very impressive opening drive for the Wolverines, who relied heavily on the pass to drive for a quick touchdown. Mike Hart ran it in for a 1-yard TD: 7-0, Michigan.

"Somewhere Bo Schembechler is smiling," said ABC's Brent Musberger.

7:53 First Quarter
Ohio State answered with a strong drive, overcoming a Michigan sack and some heavy defensive pressure for a Troy Smith to Roy Hall touchdown: Michigan 7, OSU 7.

0:56 First Quarter
Both defenses force the respective offenses to punt in back-to-back series. OSU is struggling to run the ball against the fearsome Michigan defensive front four, netting only 7 yards on the ground in the first quarter: Michigan 7, OSU 7.

12:44 Second Quarter
Michigan missed a tackle in the backfield on RB Chris Wells, and the 235-pound freshman made them pay with a 52-yard touchdown run: OSU 14, Michigan 7.

10:11 Second Quarter
Michigan catches a huge break as OSU picks up a 15-yard penalty on a 4th and 13: OSU 14, Michigan 7.

6:11 Second Quarter
Ugh. Troy Smith faked a handoff to Antonio Pittman, and everyone but Ted Ginn Jr. bought the fake. The result is a 39-yard TD: OSU 21, Michigan 7.

2:33 Second Quarter
Nice pass from Chad Henne to Adrian Arrington for a 37-yard TD: OSU 21, Michigan 14.

0:20 Second Quarter
Impressive two-minute drive by OSU, and they march down the field for a quick TD from Smith to Gonzalez. Michigan has to figure out how to defend the OSU spread offense in the halftime: OSU 28, Michigan 14.

12:33 Third Quarter
After a 3-and-out by the Buckeyes, Michigan marches the ball down the field largely on the legs of RB Mike Hart, who racked up 49 yards on 4 carries this drive. A 1-yard Hart TD makes it: OSU 28, Michigan 21.

10:52 Third Quarter
Huge break - Michigan gets an interception on a tipped ball. If they score a TD on this possession it's a tie game: OSU 28, Michigan 21.

8:41 Third Quarter
Grrr...Michigan has to settle for a 39-yard field goal by Garrett Rivas. Still, starting off the third quarter with 10 straight points means Michigan has momentum. Another 3-and-out for the Blue defense would be huge here: OSU 28, Michigan 24.

8:36 Third Quarter
Stupid penalty by Michigan on the kickoff, as Ted Ginn got an unnecessary shove as he was already out of bounds: OSU 28, Michigan 24.

8:04 Third Quarter
Ugh. Antonio Pittman breaks the line of scrimmage and runs for a 56-yard TD: OSU 35, Michigan 24.

4:12 Third Quarter
Michigan goes for it on 4th-and-10; nice pass to Steve Breaston, but he slipped and did not get the first down. OSU gets the ball back: OSU 35, Michigan 24.

2:50 Third Quarter
Excellent 3-and-out by the Michigan defense; they get the ball back and need a TD on this drive: OSU 35, Michigan 24.

1:31 Third Quarter
WTF???? Lloyd Carr, why the hell are you throwing the bomb on a 3rd-and-1? It was almost picked off, overturned by review: OSU 35, Michigan 24.

0:56 Third Quarter
Thank you, Jesus! Michigan recovers a fumble at the OSU 11: OSU 35, Michigan 24.

14:41 Fourth Quarter
A touchdown was taken off the board for Michigan, as the replay referee said Steve Breaston was down. Mike Hart busts a TD on 3rd-and-inches: OSU 35, Michigan 31.

12:02 Fourth Quarter
FUMBLE! The OSU center inexplicably muffed a snap and Michigan recovers. Michigan cannot turn this gift into points, though, as Lloyd Carr again calls a pass play on third-and-short: OSU 35, Michigan 31.

6:40 Fourth Quarter
Another stupid Michigan penalty, as Crable nailed Troy Smith with a helmet-to-helmet smack. Instead of getting the ball back, now Ohio State keeps the ball with first-and-10 at the 25. OSU 35, Michigan 31.

5:35 Fourth Quarter
Crable's stupid penalty turns into an OSU touchdown, and Michigan will need a miracle now: OSU 42, Michigan 31.

2:13 Fourth Quarter
TD Michigan, and they get the 2-point conversion: OSU 42, Michigan 39.

2:02 Fourth Quarter
OSU recovers the onside kick; just a matter of running down the clock: OSU 42, Michigan 39.

0:00 Fourth Quarter
Sorry, Bo. Not enough clock left for one last drive. Final: OSU 42, Michigan 39.

Good game, but I obviously would have rather had a Michigan victory. You think back over the game about wasted timeouts, stupid penalties, and dropped balls, but ultimately OSU won the game.

Perhaps we'll get lucky and see these two teams in the BCS Championship game.


Anonymous said...

Michigan got lucky on that no-call facemask (1Q on a punt)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Mike, did you see that is linking to your blog?

an average patriot said...

Pretty Good!
I was looking forward to the game but forgot all about it because I got caught up putting a story together.
Thanks for the blow by blow. I have to go see if I can watch it taped now!

Anonymous said...

It was right after mike hart ran in for his 3rd touchdown and michigan defense stepped up and got the ball back. It was 3rd and 3 mike hart has 130 yards and the momentum and lyodd carr throws the ball and them punt it away. You have to run the ball to the left side in that situation because worst case senerio it's 4th and 1 and you stil have a chance to get the first down.You have to give you team a chance to win the game. The late hit wouldn't never have happen if lyodd carr would have ran the ball on 3rd and 3. We got bailed out on a bull crap pass interferance. We did the right thing going for 2 but not the onside kick. You have a less than a 5% chance of recovering a onside kick. Kick it off and pressure troy smith and get the ball back. Lyodd carr made big coaching mistakes and should be fired. You have to give your team a chance at the national title. Fire him !

historymike said...

I was surprised at all the places that linked this little football blogging experiment. In addition to WTOL, this got picked up by a Michigan fan site that sent over 200 visitors here.

historymike said...

The two plays with third-and-short that Carr called for pass plays was a bit surprising, especially given how well Mike Hart ran the ball today.

I'll give him the benefit of the doubt for the onside kick.

But ultimately the defense has to take most of the blame. The nation's #1 rushing defense gave up two big TD runs, and that play action fake of Smith's in the second quarter caught everyone but Ted Ginn off guard.

Too many missed tackles, blown coverages and mistakes by the linebackers and safeties.

Still, it came right down to the wire, and was a game to remember.

I just hope a few one-loss teams lose another game so the world can see a rematch of OSU-UM for the national championship. I am convinced these are the best 2 teams, and not just because I am a homer.

McCaskey said...

I believe Ohio State is the better team here but losing free safety Willis Barringer (Toledo Scott product) to first-quarter injury really hurt Michigan.

They gave up way too many big plays up the middle, plays in which Barringer's replacement was out of position or just didn't make the play.

I also felt throwing the long pass on third and one late was a bad call by Carr and why didn't he go for the two-point conversion when at the time a field goal would have tied it on their next possession?

Tressel clearly has Carr's number and is the better game coach.

McCaskey said...

Also, forgot to mention this--what's up with the sod at Ohio Stadium?

Too many players slipping and slidng around. It's a disgrace.

Mark said...

I will step back from my formerly-official viewpoint that Lloyd Carr should be fired. Yes, there were some bad play calls yesterday. Lloyd was conservative when he didn't need to be and "throw-the-bomb" when he didn't need to be too.

However, yesterday showed that Michigan's defense still has a long way to go until they can catch up to OSU in speed, and more importantly, yesterday showed that Chad Henne still cannot step up and stand tall in the big game. Lloyd is trying to get the defense to turn around, so he can't entirely be faulted for their poor performance.

Nor can it be said that everything was Henne's fault. When your offensive line makes like swiss cheese, you're going to run for your life. Henne's not a scrambler though, and perhaps that kind of QB is what Lloyd should be looking for.

You know, a QB like Troy Smith.