Nov 18, 2006

Prediction: Wolverines 31, Buckeyes 27

(Toledo, OH) The Game, alas, goes on.

With the death of legendary Michigan football coach Bo Schembechler yesterday, there is an additional factor weighing on the outcome of the matchup between the Michigan Wolverines and the Ohio State Buckeyes.

I think Michigan will jump out to an early 14-0 lead and then hang on as Ohio State battles back. Michigan's defense will hold off a last-minute OSU drive with a pick of Heisman candidate QB Troy Smith.

Wherever you are, I hope that you enjoy The Game today, and that both teams play well, that there are no officiating controversies, and that the Big Ten is well represented.

Oh - and that Michigan wins. Heh!


-Sepp said...

That prediction is probably right on the money. My guess is that OSU will tear the blue and gold apart in the first half. The score will sit at 27-0 until the last 15 minutes of the game when the wolverines start playing and end it at 31-27.

Anonymous said...

NO way, dude. OSU 28, Michigan 14.


sam said...

Are you kidding, Mike?

Buckeyes 27 and Michigan 17

Hooda Thunkit said...

I had picked Ohio as a three point favorite, but I had no idea that the score would be as high as it was.

But then, I don't watch much football ;-)