Nov 2, 2006

The Quote Shelf

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Politics is not the art of the possible. It consists in choosing between the disastrous and the unpalatable.
--John Kenneth Galbraith


Stephanie said...

Ah, the lesser of two evils. Isn't the two party system simply fantastic?!?

microdot said...

At least, at this point, more Americans are being shocked into awareness as to what is disastrous.
It is becoming more clear that on this November 7th, there won't so much an election as an intervention!

Stephanie said...

Unfortunately, an intervention that hands the government to the Democrats isn't much of an intervention. If there was a viable middle-of-the-road third party to turn to, you might call it an intervention. Now, it's just a flip that's going to flop.

If the American citizenry had more long-term memory, they'd remember they didn't much care for Democratic control in 1994, and now is not likely to be an improvement. It'll be different than the Republicans, but it will neither be better nor worse.

Roland Hansen said...

Gee, just think, JKG wouldn't even be allowed to say that in many other countries.
With all the pitfalls, the USA is still the best country in the world.
While many people have a distrust of all politicians and of elected officials, the people still have the very basic inalienable right to choose those political leaders.
The question remains then: Who is ultimately responsible for the quality of our political leaders?

Stephanie said...


"Who is ultimately responsible for the quality of our political leaders?"

The American people. They're a product of our culture, they're a product of our whims, and they're the product of our elections.